Home security systems help homeowners, police catch crooks

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(WTNH) - It's happening all over the state.

A man in Watertown took only seconds to smash some glass and get inside a house, and then walk away with the big screen TV. However, a surveillance camera caught him in the act.

"These home security systems are great. I have one at my house. They are high-resolution and low-cost. And they can provide us some great evidence when something like this happens," stated Lt. William Meier with Vernon police.

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Lt. Meier released home security video of a man breaking into a house earlier this month. The homeowner got an alarm and was able to watch the man walk through his house, up the stairs and into his bedroom where jewelry was stolen.

"We have used this evidence successfully in many cases. Whether it captured a vehicle driving by, or captured somebody inside a house as in this case, it is very helpful evidence," Lt. Meier said.

At Mammoth Surveillance, they specialize in security cameras.

Daniel Godin saod it's important to get a good system that can see clearly in the dark.

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Prices have been dropping and his competition is on the rise.

He says there are also hidden cameras you can place right on your front porch.

"They will have a spotlight camera that will replace a conventional spotlight, so as people are coming up to your home, it will alert you on your phone and you can have a two-way conversation with them back and forth," Godin explained.

Police warn that as the weather warms up, the windows open up as well, and that makes a prime target for burglars.

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