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A reliable surveillance solution – QNAP Security VioStor NVR

Access Control Systems: Anaheim, Glendale, Los Angeles, Orange County

SoCal Access and Video specializes in the consultation, design, installation and maintenance of business security surveillance systems, card access control systems and digital video surveillance systems. SoCal Access and Video custom designed business security systems currently protect a wide variety of industries including: Corporations, Health Care, K-12 Schools and Universities, State, Local Government, Law Enforcement, Membership Organizations, Gaming and Hospitality. We provide our clients with a broad range of innovative, intelligent solutions from stand alone access points for doors or entry gates to enterprise level systems over multiple campuses and buildings including state -of-the-art integrated video surveillance systems. We take an active role to gain special knowledge of your business operations and management information systems by creating a strategic partnership with our clients in order to maximize return on investment, system performance and customer satisfaction. We guarantee that when our work is complete you will have a complete, turn-key working system in place with the appropriate staff trained to manage the system or we will return and provide additional training and/or service until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. 

Benefits of a card access control system Protects valuable assets Restricts access to sensitive areas Helps to restrict, manage, and monitor business access Increases employee safety Eliminates costly re-keying and lock changes Provides an activity log for the who, when and where access was gained throughout a specific facility. Video security surveillance systems help to provide protection in and around your business. Learn the benefits of a video security surveillance system below. The internal awareness of a video surveillance system has been shown to improve employee productivity and business efficiencies, which can lead to an increase in net profit. A properly designed and installed video surveillance system can be used as a valuable audit log to identify and review internal business activities in order to re-create actual events that may be disputed or unclear. 

Used in tandem with a smart card access control system, a video surveillance system with properly placed security cameras at entry points where electronic door locks are utilized can be a useful tool when reconciling entry to a door with an actual video log of the individual who gained access. Business security surveillance systems, card access control systems, and digital video surveillance systems are what we do at SoCal Access and Video. 

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Security Camera MCA 051711

All 2012-13 SAMS Form FB Schedule N aid claims for 2011-12 security camera expense totaling more than $35,000, and incurred on or after July 1, 2011, will be rejected and will generate no State Aid. Beginning with expenses incurred July 1, 2011 and forward, the purchase and installation of security cameras in excess of $35,000 must be included in or applied for as a regular capital project subject to the standard building permit review process: Office of Facilities Planning pre-approval is required to generate any State Building Aid. Aid for these projects will be generated via assumed amortization. The purchase and installation of security cameras totaling $35,000 or less should still be claimed via 2012-13 SAMS Form FB, Schedule N. It is critically important to determine the proper way to claim aid for security cameras early in the process and before any work begins or any cameras are purchased. 

If the claim for an installed system is rejected by the State Aid Office for exceeding $35,000 under the Form FB process, it must also be rejected by Facilities Planning because it was completed prior to the issuance of a building permit. To avoid aid ineligibility, contact Facilities Planning now if security camera purchase/installation planned for the 2011-12 school year may exceed a total of $35,000. Explanation:Section 3602, subdivision 6-c of the Education Law includes the purchase and installation of security cameras to be eligible for building aid when installed in a student occupied building. The purpose of this legislation is to allow a school district to install security cameras and claim Building aid on base year expenses separately from a traditional capital construction project. This subsection of Education law and the current Form FB Schedule N security camera claim process were intended to reimburse expenses for specific and discreet security needs identified by a district. 

It was not intended as a method to allow installation of comprehensive security systems which would otherwise be subject to the standard building permit review process at the Office of Facilities Planning. The Department is utilizing the intent of this statute as a basis for determining when a security camera project is substantial enough to require a building permit. All questions on the determination of whether the purchase and installation of security cameras should be done as part of a capital project should be directed to the district’s project manager or to Carl Thurnau, Coordinator for Facilities Planning, Room 1060 EBA, Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12234. 

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CCTV Cameras & Security Camera Systems by CCTV Camera World

About Us. CCTV Camera World is a seller of security cameras, video recorders, surveillance systems, and all other things CCTV. We supply security products to the government, businesses, and home owners alike of all shapes and sizes. We don’t believe in overcharging and pushing customers with deceptive sales tactics, i.e. Buy now before your 20% coupon expires! 

We have a huge stock of cameras and CCTV camera equipment to meet your needs. Please browse through our online store to find what best suits your needs! We have security cameras and systems to fit all budgets, for the home, small business, law enforcement, or factory. CCTV Camera World is the leader in providing the best HD security cameras in the industry at affordable prices without compromising quality, reliability, and world class support. We offer complete HD security camera systems that include a DVR, cameras, cables, connectors and power supplies. 

Purchasing professional grade security camera equipment from CCTV Camera World ensures you are getting top of the line quality that is unparalleled in security camera industry. Using our latest H.264 and H.265 DVRs and NVRs, all of our security camera systems have the ability to be viewed remotely and send motion alerts by email or push alert to your Smartphone. Regardless of whether you use analog CCTV or HDCVI cameras that use coax cabling for the video feed, or IP cameras that use network cabling, remote viewing and motion alerts are a standard feature of all our systems which is made possible by our best in industry DVRs. After proper networking is established or using our QR code easy setup, you can view your surveillance cameras directly from your phone, tablet, or computer in as little as 30 seconds setup time! With camera systems by CCTV Camera World, you can rest easy at home knowing your business is secure, or keep an eye on things at home while you’re busy at the office! 

Take advantage of our online custom security camera systems page to make your own CCTV system. You can choose from our Expert Approved security DVR recorder, and IP camera NVR, or Tribrid DVR that’s perfect for you, as well as our many CCTV cameras and accessories to configure the perfect system for your needs. We can use a mix of standard definition or high definition cameras, and wireless security cameras all in one system. Choose from hidden smoke detector cameras, electrical socket cameras, secret audio recording devices, or build your own hidden camera using our pinhole cameras. 

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