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When you purchase a security system from Safeguard Home Security, your local Houston home security company, you’re purchasing peace of mind. Our service technicians, customer service representatives, and highly trained alarm dispatchers are dedicated to protecting you, your family, and the home you love. At Safeguard Home Security, experienced licensed alarm professionals will assist you with system design, installation, and monitoring. Our management team has been installing Houston home security systems throughout the area for over three decades. As a Houston home security company, we’re committed to providing affordable, reliable home protection as well as guaranteeing fast response times, quality equipment, and unparalleled service. 

Safeguard Home Security offers a multitude of security solutions to best fit your needs. Take control of your security with a wireless and mobile friendly system accessible on your computer, tablet, and phone. Install our security cameras, so you can watch over your home while you’re away. Completely automate your home with light control modules, three way door locks, and a garage door opener that can all be controlled through your mobile device. Our security solutions offer 24 hour monitoring of your alarm system. 

In the case of an emergency, your alarm system alerts our UL-listed monitoring station, where a trained dispatcher determines the nature of the emergency and responds immediately to protect your home and loved ones. Let Safeguard Home Security, your local Houston home security company, protect them for you. 

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Starting From $29.00

Security cameras can be separated into several categories but there are two main types of technology used for the transmission and capture of a security camera video signal. Analog is considered a long time traditional format for security cameras. An analog security camera broadcasting at full resolution and 30 frames per second consumes less than 2MBits per second on a network. Today’s recorders take advantage of low cost hard drives by taking the video from an analog security camera and converting it into a digital format for long term storage inside of the recorder. Analog CCTV cameras are typically cheaper than digital cameras. 

The type of cable required to connect analog cameras is coaxial siamese cable or RG59. The connectors needed for connecting the camera to the DVR is a BNC connector. Some of the benefits of using analog cameras is cost and ease of use. IP cameras, unlike analog cameras, transmit video signals over a network. A user can install a microphone or even speakers at the camera which can then playback pre-recorded audio clips or even receive audio from near the camera. 

Smart cameras are able to store video directly to an SD card and trigger events based on external sensory input. Using an IP camera can reduce the cost of installation by taking advantage of PoE. Power over ethernet lets users both transmit video and power the camera on a single network cable. IP cameras typically come with a higher intial cost but more than make up for it by combining high resolution video, audio, data, and power on one device. 

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Business Security Camera Program – Business Services

The Business Security Camera Program reimburses commercial property owners and business owners for the installation of surveillance cameras, to make their location safer for shoppers and the community. The program provides a 50% reimbursement for the total cost of eligible safety camera installations for a single commercial property. The ultimate goal of this program is to improve the safety, vitality and economic performance of neighborhood business districts throughout Philadelphia. See the Commerce Business Security Camera Program Guidelines for complete program details. The applicant must be the owner of a commercially occupied property, an operating tenant business with approval of the property owner or an established business association or community based organization representing a number of businesses in a particular area. 

Must be operating legally, properly registered, licensed with the City of Philadelphia and current with all city taxes, including but not limited to revenue, licenses, water revenue billings, etc. Must apply to install a camera that meets the criteria established in the Business Security Camera Program application. Photos of your building clearly showing where surveillance camera will be located, and at least one photo showing the entire front façade of your building. Estimates from two licensed contractors detailing camera specifications. A letter from the building owner granting permission for the proposed work. 

Completed applications should be mailed to Business Security Camera Program, c/o Department of Commerce. 

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Source: https://business.phila.gov/business-security-camera-program

Protective Services, Security Systems, Consulting and Training in San Francisco, CA

HighCom Security Services is a comprehensive provider of specialized, elite security solutions, covering: protective services, security systems, security consulting and training. HighCom delivers a wide range of tailor made dynamic and fluid protective programs that remain situational appropriate and within budget. HighCom implements an extremely effective preventative approach, derived from years of research, experience, and a deep physical understanding of hostile planning. This results in proactive, intelligent and customer friendly solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any environment. Over the last two decades, HighCom has been successfully providing its comprehensive range of security solutions to Fortune 500 corporations, government organizations, mid to small size businesses, private & public foundations and high net worth individuals. 

Uniquely tailored security programs, designed to address specific client needs in any environment and for any duration. Designing and implementing comprehensive, fully integrated and discrete EP programs, executed by highly skilled professionals. Design, installation, and maintenance of: alarm systems, security camera systems, access control and intercom systems, screening equipment, project management services, technical surveillance counter-measures. Hostile Activity Prevention, Executive Protection, Surveillance Detection, handgun, unarmed defensive tactics, defensive and evasive driving to name a few. Risk assessments; design, implementation and ongoing assessment of security programs. 

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