AV-TEST’s April 2018 Windows Home User Test Report Shows 100% Protection Result and Top Product Award for Trend Micro Internet Security

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Maintaining its Top Product protection rating, Trend Micro Internet Security 12.0 (2018) continues to show 100% Protection results in tests conducted by the internationally respected testing lab AV-TEST.org. In its Mar-Apr 2018 test of 18 endpoint security products on Windows 10, the latest release of Trend Micro Internet Security blocked 100% of 196 “real-world” 0-day attacks and 100% of 5484 widespread and prevalent malwares, while showing no false positives for 1,615,677 software samples that were also tested.

It also received a 5.5 Performance rating, showing less impact on computer speed than the average endpoint security product in three out of five tests. With zero false warnings when visiting 500 websites, zero false detections of 1,615,677 samples of legitimate software, and zero false blockages while installing and using 42 samples of legitimate software, its 6.0 Usability rating also bested ten of the other endpoint security products tested.

This test result closely mirrors that of the Jan-Feb 2018 test of 18 endpoint security products tested on Windows 7 conducted by AV-TEST, where Trend Micro Internet Security (2018) previously obtained a Top Product award and 100% Real-World Protection against 228 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and e-mail threats, as well as 100% detection of 4,877 samples of widespread and prevalent malware discovered over the past 4 weeks prior to the test. Its Performance rating of 6.0 was superior to eleven of the other third-party endpoint security products tested. Its Usability rating of 6.0 reflected zero false warnings when visiting 500 websites, zero false detections of 1,514,806 samples of legitimate software, and zero false warnings or blockages when performing actions during install and use of 51 samples of legitimate software.

Independent lab testing of anti-virus programs, as conducted by AV-TEST, is a key way for users to cross-check any protection claims made by anti-virus companies or programmers. In lab test after test, Trend Micro Internet Security consistently ranks among the top performers, providing independent proof of the quality of its protection and the low impact it has on your system.

For the full AV-TEST reports of these results for the Windows Home User, click WIN 7 – FEB 2018 and WIN 10 – APRIL 2018.

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