Home security camera shows Florida panther attack house cat

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Security camera footage from a house in Collier County shows a Florida panther pounce on a house cat and carry the pet off in its jaws.

The footage was provided by Madeline Lopez, a resident of the Golden Gate Estates subdivision, and owner of the cat, named River.

The graphic video shows the much larger panther pin River to the ground on Lopez's driveway. The panther bites the struggling cat, then hauls it off in its jaws. The attack happened last Sunday, June 3.

According to the Estates Community Facebook page, River was one of several feral cats in the neighborhood residents have been taking care of, but are still outdoor cats.

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Carol Lyn Parish, South Region public information coordinator with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said the agency set up a sign at the entrance of the neighborhood letting residents know there are panthers in the area. The FWC also placed brochures by the sign "to educate them on how to reduce conflicts with these animals," Parrish said.

"The best way to protect your household pets and hobby animals is to keep them indoors or in a predator-resistant enclosure, especially at night," Parrish said in an email Thursday.

Florida Panthers are considered endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but their numbers are rebounding.

According to FWC data released in February 2017, there are an estimated 120 to 230 adult and sub-adults in the state, up from 100 to 180 in 2014.

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