Bureze Security News for 06-11-2018

Wireless Security Cameras

Home security is the best way to reduce your chances of being burgled. Adding wireless home security systems to your home or office can be quite easy as long as you know what you want and how to install them. With just a few simple facts in hand, you can quickly be on your way to finding what you want from the various wireless home security camera. Prior to choosing wireless home security systems, you must decide a few things. If you are using wireless home security systems, they cannot be too far from the sensors or else they won’t be able to communicate with them. 

When choosing the correct wireless home security systems model, make sure that you choose a system that monitors every zone in your home. With wireless home security systems you must be certain that it can perform correctly by reaching even the furthest zone. If you don’t know how to use wireless home security systems, then they won’t do you much good in an emergency. This can be avoided if you buy Home Security Cameras and install them yourself. Speaking of installation, installing wireless home security systems can be quite easy to do yourself since they do not require any hard-wiring, only basic tools that you have lying around your house. 

As previously discussed, the first step to installing wireless home security systems is figuring out where to put the control panels and sensors. By following the instructions that come with wireless home security systems, you can quickly install your system while saving money. 

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Security Systems in Dayton, OH

Here at HSI Security Services, we know that a company is only as good as its quality of service. We are Home Security and Corporate security specialists, dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. That is why we don’t just install security systems; we build long term relationships with our clients. HSI Security Services has everything to customize a program to meet your property’s unique needs. We install CCTV, security cameras, fire alarms, burglar alarms, intrusion alarms, entry / exit devices and landscape/ security lighting for your home or business. 

We also specialize in security consulting, access control, executive protection, electronic monitoring and much more. HSI provides a complete package of services for its clients, large or small, to create a customized security program. HSI’s goal is to provide you with the best security solution possible. Call us today and let one of our trained professionals fulfill your security needs. We have over 70 years of experience in the business of security – and that’s not just installation. 

Our staff includes veterans of law-enforcement who know what really works when designing a complete security solution. If you want to work with a company that has enormous experience, that builds long term relationships with its clients, and that prides itself on quality of service and quality of equipment, you want to work with HSI. New Website Content! Why Cincinnati NEEDS security cameras, Security Camera Systems Cincinnati. 

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Security Magazines-Video Surveillance-Physical Access Identity & Intrusion Detection

Some privacy advocates warn that convenience could mask the risks of a world where security depends biometrics. Award-winning, cost-effective access control solution introduces powerful new feature set. New authentic Mercury MR 3 Series SIO modules to be showcased in partner booths. Hikvision’s dome security cameras and Hikvision NVRs provided solar-powered video surveillance during building renovation. TrickleStor provides a highly-integrated camera and network video recorder connectivity solution. 

Industry leader in video surveillance infrastructure enhances video ingest rates to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. April 5, 2018. System Integrator platform help attendees streamline operations, automate business processes, and grow profitably. ‘The State of Media Security’ survey finds that few media organizations are very confident in their current security measures. For the security industry, the most significant result of the legislation is that among other provisions it restores federal grant assistance for security equipment and technology. New site includes product filtering and other features helping users find and share information. 

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, March 8, 2018 – Nortek Security & Control LLC, the global leader in smart connected devices and systems for residential, security, access control, and digital health markets, today announced the promotion of company…. April 3, 2018. LNL-4420 intelligent system controller gains FICAM approval. 

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Affordable Boat Monitoring and Security Systems

According to BoatUS, 69% of boats that sink do so at the dock. For many people that don’t live near their boat, a delay in discovering an issue could mean your boat ends up on the bottom of the harbor. As we fit more expensive electronics on our boats, they become increasingly enticing to thieves. The good news is there are some affordable remote monitoring solutions available to keep a watch over your boat. Location tracking – GPS devices can detect unauthorized boat movement. 

Spot Trace – Spot offers a range of products that offer peace of mind by allowing you to track your boat using satellites and/or notify friends and family of your position. The ‘Trace’ is a small GPS device that you attach to your boat; if there’s unauthorized movement, you get alerts via text or email. Your boat can also be tracked on Google Maps™. Boat Command – We mentioned this one in a recent article on staying connected while onboard. For a $299 Boat Connect! 

base unit and $8.99 a month, this is one of the least expensive ways to protect against a variety of situations-leaks, unauthorized entry, low battery voltage, anchor drift, low or high interior temperatures, or unintended shore power disconnections. A bonus of the Siren system is their iPhone app which can monitor, receive messages, and also control the sensors on your boat. EyeOnBoard – Suited for mid-sized vessels, EyeOnBoard uses wireless technology to simplify installation, which avoids tearing into boat compartments. 

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