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Security vs. Surveillance

As framed in the media, encryption debates are about whether law enforcement should have surreptitious access to data, or whether companies should be allowed to provide strong encryption to their customers. This obscures the most important aspects of the encryption issue: the security it provides against a much wider variety of threats. Encryption secures our data and communications against eavesdroppers like criminals, foreign governments, and terrorists. Many technological security failures of today can be traced to failures of encryption. Vodafone built backdoor access into Greece’s cell phone network for the Greek government; it was used against the Greek government in 2004-2005. 

We’re not being asked to choose between security and privacy. We’re being asked to choose between less security and more security. In the mid-1990s, cryptographers argued that escrowing encryption keys with central authorities would weaken security. Ubiquitous encryption protects us much more from bulk surveillance than from targeted surveillance. For a variety of technical reasons, computer security is extraordinarily weak. 

Widespread encryption forces the listener – whether a foreign government, criminal, or terrorist – to target. Of course, criminals and terrorists have used, are using, and will use encryption to hide their planning from the authorities, just as they will use many aspects of society’s capabilities and infrastructure: cars, restaurants, telecommunications. 

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Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems

SSA offers easy, one-stop shopping for all your security and life safety needs; From basic burglar alarms to video surveillance systems and everything in between – all at an affordable price. Our SSA security system was installed at our new home on Friday, June 23rd. Ron Thompson was our sales consultant. He provided the recommendations regarding what was needed for our home and was on-site for the installation. He consulted with us regarding placement of some of the monitoring devices in our home. 

After researching 4 different security systems, we settled on SSA. They gave us the best description of their services and offered us more for the money. We feel very safe knowing our home is protected by SSA. Clint S, Installer. I have been using Security Systems of America for the security of our home for over 4 years now and have been very happy with their service. 

They have given us a fantastic sense of security knowing that they are always on the ball and on the job. I would definitely recommend them to provide service for any home. SSA has been protecting residential homes and commercial businesses since 1972 and we have the perfect system for you. We will meet your specific needs as we design, install and monitor your security system using the latest technology, including wireless alarm equipment and interactive mobile access. SSA is proud to be a value-leader in security, offering some of the lowest rates in the business. 

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How to Secure Your IP Security Cameras

The IP security camera industry seems to have grown a lot over the past few years. From consumer-grade home IP security cameras such as those from FLIR to professional-grade models. Most modern IP security cameras feature user upgradeable firmware. If a security vulnerability is found, the IP security camera manufacturer will often fix the vulnerability by issuing a firmware update. You should frequently check your IP security camera manufacturer’s website for updated firmware so that you can make sure the version you are using doesn’t contain an unpatched vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers and Internet voyeurs. 

If privacy is your top priority then you should keep your cameras on a local network and assign them non-routable internal IP addresses. Even with non-routable IP addresses, your cameras could still be exposed by camera software that sets up port forwarding or uses UPNP to expose your cameras to the Internet. Check your IP camera’s website to learn how to setup your cameras in local-only mode. Many IP cameras don’t have password protection for video feeds turned on by default. They probably think that you would rather get your cameras up and run and secure them later. 

A lot of people forget to go back and add password protection after the initial setup and end up leaving the cameras wide open for all to access. Don’t put an IP security camera inside areas of your house where you wouldn’t feel comfortable being seen by strangers. 

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Source: https://www.lifewire.com/secure-your-ip-security-cameras-2487488

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Super Store. Experts on CCTV Cameras, Lenses, Digital Video Recorder Cards and DVR Systems, and All related accessories and equipments. We carry brands from ACTi, Axis Communications, Geovision, Computar Ganz,

Company Profile for ESS CCTV. ESS CCTV is a Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Super Store, and we provide one-stop service on security cameras and video surveillance systems, or a digital video recorder. We provide wholesale price to all your latest HD video surveillance and security camera equipment including IP network cameras and NVR’s, HD-SDI, analog HD equipments like HD-CVI and HD-TVI, and their related accessories. If you would ever need a security cameras and surveillance systems, you are at the right place!Our surveillance solution range from HD 720p to full HD 1080p, upto 5MP Megapixel cameras, so you will find the exact item that meets your requirement and budget. We carry the best products from brands like ACTI, Geovision, Veracity, Computar Ganz, KT&C, Eyemax, Fujinon, Tamron Lenses, CNB Technology and many more! 

ESS CCTV is all you would ever need to remember for your home security and video surveillance. ESS CCTV offers free online or phone consulation regards to your video surveillance systems and security cameras. Our security camera experts have provided professional advises and our service for many years, and we are waiting to help you fulfill your security needs. If you would have any questions to your existing surveillance equipments, security cameras and products we have, or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us either by phone, or by email. You can also use our contact page to contact us now! 

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