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No children but maybe a thriving business, then you may want to protect yourself from employee theft, or from corporate espionage. You would then be looking into our Business Security Cameras to protect what is vulnerable. Protect yourself against shoplifting, fraudulent lawsuits, employee theft, etc. We have infrared cameras to watch your business when the lights are out, or deterrent cameras, straight forward intimidating security cameras do a lot to deter crime. There are many cameras today that are smaller around than a penny, and can be easily hidden, and they are plug and play for an easy setup. 

Find out if there are any hidden bugs in your space, with our RF Detectors and our Camera Hunters you find wireless cameras and hard wired cameras that may be filming you. Find out if someone has been sleeping in Mama or Papa Bear’s bed with the Detection Kit, found on our Spy Supplies page, to check the bed sheets. Now you may be someone who is on the go when they need surveillance or security cameras. If so then you may want to look into our Body Worn Cameras so that you can film while walking down the street, or in a meeting, or anywhere at all. If you walk down the street with a remote car key in your hand no one will suspect that it is really a surveillance. 

Find what you need, and remember you can always reach one of our Security Specialist at 1-240-671-4342 to discuss your needs and solutions. 

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Cam Security: Specializing in security camera and alarm systems for home or business |

He gave me a discount since we did both our home and business with their company. I sit on a board of a condo association and we were seeking estimates to replace our aging door and elevator access systems from a mechanical system to an electronic system with swipe key fobs. What surprised me was that they did not try to sell us the system right then and there. They recommended we wait on installing the new access system until the building did major elevator renovations to save on installation costs. I will definitely have Cam Security give us a proposal the next time we have security needs. 

We moved into a house that already had a Cam Security system, so I can’t comment on the installation however, the service since the transfer has been awesome. Since my mom really didn’t know how to use my alarm system, she kept setting it off at night and needed help. We called the Cam Security office and an on-call tech was dispatched. He stayed on the phone with me while I reset the system and then he walked me through bypassing the downstairs motion so mom wouldn’t set it off again. He even sent me a follow up email the next day with reminder instructions! 

Great team they have and I love the system now that I learned how to use it! Keep up the good work. I went to Hawaii to visit my girlfriend and she has Cam Security set up in her house. Honestly…their system prevented her from getting robbed. 

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Alert Protective Services, Chicago Alarm System Firm, Home & Commercial Security Services & Products

We feel home security system should be uniquely customized to meet the home’s specific security needs. Our highly qualified and skilled technicians at Alert Protective Services give you the power to protect your home. Your home security system can also be set to alert you if anything out of the ordinary occurs, such as a door or window is opened or a fire alarm goes off. We will ask you a few questions about your specific home security needs, then design your system, so it’s the perfect fit for you and your family. There are many reasons to call and speak to us about installing a home security system in your home. 

Peace of Mind – Alert Protective Services keeps you connected to your home and family from anywhere in the world. With Alert Protective Services, your home and family remain protected and secure even if you’re away. With a home alarm, you will be able to alert the authorities when a break in happens, regardless of whether you are home or not. Our wireless home alarm uses cutting-edge technology to keep your Chicago or Oak Park home safe. The technicians we employ to install our home security systems will complete the process as quickly as possible, so you have a functional system right away. 

If you are looking for comprehensive home alarm systems, your first call needs to be Alert Protective. Once the home security alarm system sounds, we are on the case and will contact you immediately. 

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The webs top source for New Security Cameras, Analog Surveillance Systems, and High Definition IP Systems.

4K Ultra HD Security Cameras The 4K revolution is here! Check out our newest 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras that offer amazing video quality and won’t break the bank, making them perfect for your home or business! How to Hook Up a Microphone to Your DVR or IP Camera & Configure it for Audio Recording Hooking up Microphones to your DVR or IP camera gives you an added level of surveillance. Not only can you see whats going on, now you can also hear whats going on. In this post, we will show you about the 3 different types of microphones that we have and how to hook them up to different DVR’s and IP cameras. 2GIG CP21 Security and Home Automation Control Panel The 2GIG CP21, or GoControl panel as it has been commonly known as, is a self-contained alarm system and more. 

With the built in Z-Wave RF protocol you can control lighting, HVAC Systems, door locks, overhead doors, and other Z-Wave appliances directly from the panel. With the Alarm.com service you can do all of this as well as view security cameras, arm / disarm your security system, and communicate via 2 way audio from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet. How to Setup Cloud P2P for Recorders and Cameras Viewing your security system outside of your home or business can be as easy as scanning a QR code, entering in a verification code and selecting Live View. Cloud P2P is a simple and easy process that gives you that option. 

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