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Lincoln Security Systems

Responsibility For more than 10 years, Lincoln Security Systems has been the trusted name in commercial and residential video surveillance and alarm monitoring. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and reliable security, delivered with competence, honesty and responsibly. Lincoln Security is a local Houston company Certified by the State of Texas. As a member of the Texas Fire and Alarm Association and an A+ rated member of the BBB, we are proud to be an approved security provider for several large and multi-national businesses including Greystar, Embrey Properties, CWS, and Gramercy Management. Our Mission Our mission is to provide our customers with more a secure living and working environment. 

We achieve this by providing reliable services and quality products that are affordable; whether a single family, small business or commercial property. Get to Know Us Trust – We built our reputation on trust. We deliver what we promise and excel at customer service to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. Technology – We constantly evaluate emerging technology and implement the best equipment solutions for each customer – all backed by full maintenance and equipment warranties. Protection – All our technicians are highly skilled and undergo rigorous background checks before joining our team. 

We also maintain the absolute highest insurance protection and bonding. 

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Top Home Security System Reviews

It may not come as complete surprise but homes that don’t have a security system installed fall victim to these burglaries more often than homes that have preventive security measures installed like Frontpoint Security. Most of today’s home security systems have automation capabilities. A reliable home security system is perhaps one of the best ways against burglary. If an intruder has already gained access to your house, the system can alert you so you can find a safe spot inside your home while the monitoring station connects to proper authorities. With surveillance equipments, your home security system may even help identify the intruders and aid in investigation. 

While the main reason why you installed a security system at home is for safety, it can actually do more than to simply secure your home. Perhaps, one of the fun part of setting up a home security system is that it can also make your home smart. A home security system can be connected with several smart devices. Through home automation, setting up smart appliances at home to work only when needed can let you save on your electricity bill. As a security system is installed in your house, there would be less chances of burglary, fire and water damages happening in your home. 

Having a home security system doesn’t just deter burglars. Having a security system installed in a home can boost its price in the market. 

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Security Cameras Vs. Employee Rights

Security cameras are a useful tool in business, helping protect both your assets and your employees. Business owners have reported that the installation of security cameras has helped them in several significant ways. Not only have cameras helped them identify employees who are stealing, but they also deter workers from stealing in the first place. Cameras also help employers monitor the work habits of employees. Just as employees use them to monitor employees’ work habits, employers can see the dedication of an employee. 

Many employees understand their employers’ need to monitor the workplace, so they understand the need for employers to install security cameras throughout their establishments. In order to install cameras, the business owner must prove that they have a reasonable, legitimate business purpose. Employers cannot install cameras in restrooms or locker rooms where people change their clothes. Some states go a step further and disallow cameras in lounge areas. Installing cameras in these areas could leave the business owner open to being sued under tort laws. 

Employees have the right to sue if they feel like their privacy has been wrongfully invaded in any way by surveillance cameras. If you are a business owner thinking about installing security cameras in your office, you should first familiarize yourself with federal laws and state laws regarding privacy. 

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Source: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/security-cameras-vs-employee-rights-13147.html

Saint Louis CCTV Security Cameras Burglar Alarm Monitoring

We provide services for all your security camera needs. We offer the finest security camera systems for all applications. We offer free estimate for your security camera systems applications. We have installed security cameras for almost any applications one could think of including: Police Station interview rooms, retail Establishment, manufacturing facilities, child care facilities, restaurants, education buildings, apartments, nursing homes, gas stations, warehouses, office buildings, shopping malls, construction sites, school buses and much more! Have a piece of mind with Eye Spy Electronics! 

We offer top of the line security, with burglar alarm monitoring here in the St. Louis area! We offer wired and wireless DSC Alarms for Commercial and Residential in the St. Louis/St. We offer Ademco/Honeywell Security Alarms wired and Wireless completed Alarm systems for St. 

Louis/St. We service and repair all brands of security and fire Alarms. We offer the Intrasonic Retro fit as a replacement for all Nutone Intercoms that are not repairable. We also offer Intrasonic in our retail Online store. Aiphone works great at School building for the security after the doors are locked down. 

We offer Mitel, Polycom and Panasonic telephone systems. We provide a free quote for an upgrade to your current telephone system and or a new system installation. 

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