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Security Cameras

With a strong foothold across South Africa, we’ve served various industries and met a variety of security and surveillance needs for both small and large enterprises. Long established and well experienced in servicing commercial and industrial markets, we’ve actively kept abreast with the latest technology and specialise in the supply, sale, rental, installation and maintenance of all CCTV and related products. We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure we offer the best surveillance brands and ultimately the best products and service, and our track record stands as testimony. 15 reasons why we are the preferred CCTV and electronic security supplier Well-experienced in serving commercial and industrial markets. Stock the latest Electronic Security – keeping up to date with the latest technology. Constantly training our staff to keep up to date with technology. 

Specialise in the selling of CCTV Security Products and all related electronic equipment. Great rental options for all electronic security at your premises. Reliable Security Company in South Africa for security cameras, access control, electric fencing, alarm systems, boom gate systems, turnstiles and fire detection installation and maintenance. Maintain strong relationships with our local and international suppliers. 

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Source: http://www.cctvsa.co.za

Surveillance Equipment Store:344-3742

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com LLC is a world leader and pioneer of online video demonstration in the Surveillance and Security Industry and also, pioneer of renting a full range of equipment to Consumers, Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art spy gadgets, surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection and Bug Detection Products. We offer high-quality, professional grade equipment whether you lay-away, rent, lease or buy. We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. The DEFT might be used to counter some of the ill-effects of Electronic Harassment! 

The first ever miniaturized camcorder, so small that it can fit into an ordinary ladies wrist watch. This spy grade technology is the smallest body worn camera out there, and it’s now available to the public! Don’t Be a Victim of ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT! Quickly scan your home, office and car to identify personal exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetism of the strength and types believed to pose a possible health risk. Measure high ELECTRIC fields around cell phones, microwave ovens (check for leaks, door sealing, etc. 

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Source: http://www.dpl-surveillance-equipment.com

Home Security & Alarm Monitoring Systems Tampa, FL from SafeTouch

Home security is a major concern for many Tampa homeowners and business owners and SafeTouch Security is your first defense against floods, fires, and theft that can devastate your home and leave you feeling vulnerable. SafeTouch Security is Tampa’s most trusted security company. With over 20 years of experience installing and monitoring security systems in Tampa FL, we take your home security seriously. That’s why we operate our own response center with backup facilities and provide 24-hour technicians and software specialists who have intimate knowledge of our systems. Our compassionate staff members have passed extensive background screening and are highly trained to respond to any type of emergency with a clear head and appropriate actions. 

SafeTouch Security is constantly evolving with changing technology. All of our security systems in Tampa FL are state-of-the-art and have the highest possible Underwriter’s Laboratory rating. Our high-tech command center is on the cutting edge of technology from its disaster-resistant construction to the backup systems that guarantee 24-hour monitoring in all conditions. Our high-tech savvy allows us to respond to every emergency within 45 seconds guaranteed, although our current average response time is 11 seconds, contact the proper authorities. 

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Source: http://safetouchtampa.com

Home Surveillance Security Cameras

Home security cameras may be used for monitoring a baby, catching a robber, deterring criminals, and, most importantly, giving you peace of mind. The activity you want to observe will help dictate the type of security cameras you may want to purchase. IP security cameras transmit video in digital form across the Internet using a router. IP cameras allow users remote access to the camera in real-time using a computer, tablet, or a smartphone that has an Internet connection. A wired model transmits video to a viewing or recording device from the camera using a video cable. 

Some security cameras will automatically adjust the quality depending on your Internet connection. Outdoor security cameras should have housing and a protective hood to resist water, snow, and debris from forming on the lens. Some surveillance cameras feature 2-way audio capability consisting of a speaker and a microphone. Models that have a visible recording indicator can help deter criminals while hidden cameras are best for secret surveillance. Some security cameras will activate when your doorbell rings so that you can see who is at your door. 

Some security cameras use batteries while some use a power adapter. Using the app that controls some models, you can adjust your thermostat based on an At Home mode or Away mode. 

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2018 Best Home Security Cameras: Indoor & Outdoor

Finding the best home security camera comes down to whether it meets your specific needs. If you’re concerned about break-ins or keeping deliveries safe, an outdoor security camera with motion alerts might be the best fit. Once you’ve decided on an indoor or outdoor security camera there are other factors to consider. Indoor security cameras don’t need to be quite as tough as the ones you install outside, but they should be unobtrusive. Security cameras come with different fields of view, which refers to how much of your home or yard you can see at any one time. 

If you want to watch over more than one room or outdoor area, look for a home security camera system that lets you hook up multiple cameras. That’s why you need a home security camera that captures crisp images in all kinds of light. Look for features like night vision and motion-activated floodlights-especially for outdoor security cameras. Today there’s a lot more to a home security camera than video surveillance. Many of the best security camera systems also help turn your house into a smart home. 

Security cameras can often integrate with a smart home hub like Amazon Echo or Google Home. This can give you a huge home security advantage-the ability to remotely control lights, door locks, and your security cameras. 

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Source: https://www.safewise.com/resources/home-security-cameras

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