Bureze Security News for 06-24-2018

Video Surveillance Courses

IPVM offers live online courses where we teach video surveillance and access control based on our unique ongoing researching and testing. You can take the courses from anywhere in the world, attending live or watching the recordings on demand. We include weekly quizzes, a final exam, extensive personal feedback and certifications for those who pass. The Summer IP Networking course will start on July 17th. Course page and registration will be opened later. 

The fall access control course will start on September 18th. Course page and registration will be opened later. The fall camera course will start on October 16th. Course page and registration will be opened later. Live Classes: Each course meets twice a week for ~6 weeks. 

We meet using webcasting software and live chat, presenting demonstrations, graphics and explanations. We answer dozens of questions every class that helps you get the most out of each class. In IPVM classes, you are able and encouraged to interact to get the most out of it. Course Readings: Each course includes ~300 pages of readings. These readings are based on our ongoing research and testing of security products to ensure that you learn what is current, which is critical given the ongoing changes in technology. 

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Source: https://ipvm.com/training

Best Home Security Reviews 2018

When shopping around for a home security system, you should consider home monitoring. Today, security companies typically monitor their security systems through either cellular, internet, or a phone line connection. The next monitoring preference of home security customers is an internet connection. Several home security systems on the market don’t offer 24/7 professional monitoring. Our expert reviews of the top-ranked home security companies can empower your to take the next step in choosing the right home security solution for you and your loved ones. 

With hundreds of security companies in the industry, sometimes it can be difficult to find the honest, hard-working, effective companies. Compare our highest-rated home security companies here. There’s some debate when it comes to displaying security signs in front of a home. Several hundred, if not thousands, of legitimate home security companies exist. You can check out thousands of verified customer reviews and how we’ve scored each home security company here. 

Do it yourself home security systems allow consumers to have all the benefits of a security company, without the hefty installation and maintenance fees. You can compare the good, the bad, and the bottom line of each home security company here. 

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Source: https://besthomesecuritycompanys.com

Wifi Security Camera Reviews and System Installation

This camera is good because it works like an IOS or Android app. Once the camera is hooked to the router network, viewing can be done immediately. The Lorex camera is made for both indoor and outdoor use. The camera is attached to a flex stand therefore it allows for a greater degree of surveillance and field of vision. This high resolution camera has non-visible infrared LEDs and requires no manual configuration. 

The camera utilizes infrared LEDs to illuminate most areas at night. This IP Camera offers crisp video and local storage options all in an attractive package. The HD camera records 720p HD video at 30 frames per second thus allows the camera to produce high quality security camera. The camera also keeps video on a cloud server and you can obtain the video footage if you log in using your SwannCloud account. TENVIS JPT3815W. 

If you are in need of a neat surveillance camera and you are on a tight budget, then TENVIS JPT3815W might be the answer. It features a friendly UI, Enhanced Camera Rigidity and stainless steel bearings. The power cord that comes with the camera is only 3-4 feet long, and unless you have already installed a custom electric outlet near the place you intend to mount the camera you might have a bit of a problem. 

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Source: http://securitycamerawifi.com/security-camera-brands

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are one of the simplest investments a homeowner can make. Advances in recording technology have made it easy for almost anyone to install a personal security system complete with multiple indoor and outdoor home security cameras. Sears offers a wide selection of cameras, including advanced indoor-outdoor models. These designs can be synced with wireless networks, wired by hand to central DVRs or connected to home security alarms. A combination of well-placed home surveillance cameras and motion sensor lights can help ward off burglars and vandals from a home’s perimeter. 

For discreet interior home security needs, consider pinhole camera options. These home security cameras are mounted on circuit boards and can be easily hidden on a bookshelf, entertainment center or doorframe. Smaller cameras are ideal for nanny cams or keeping an eye on other workers around the home. Proper home security is about more than just locking windows and installing deadbolts on the doors. Sears makes it easy to own, operate and install home security cameras with systems that can be set up in minutes and ready to record to a DVR. 

Choose from a wide selection of surveillance equipment to protect your property at all times. 

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Source: http://www.sears.com/tvs-electronics-home-security-cameras/b-1231477963

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