Robocalls promise fast money, free home security, but guarantee scam

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The summer of 2018 may go down as the season of the robocall deals that are just too good to be true because they are.

“As long as a scam works they’re going to keep doing it," YouMail CEO Alex Quilici said.

YouMail is a free robocall blocking option for mobile phones. Quilici’s staff has been gathering recordings shared by thousands of the company’s customers this year. The latest robocall messages offer quick-money-fast deals, student loan payoffs and free home security equipment.

One message suggests recipients can earn money without lifting a finger and generate $2,500 every week by advertising a phone number.

Of course, there’s a catch, according to YouMail, the “scam will cost you.”

The deals usually include your investment into a project that can be anything from seminars, sports betting systems or virtual currencies.

The YouMail Robocall Index gave a detailed analysis of the scam calls made out of roughly 4.1 billion robocalls reported in the U.S. in May.

The analysis estimates that U.S. consumers are receiving well over 1 billion scam calls each month, and that the volume of scam calls continues to increase.

You Mail is one of dozens of companies offering a free app to block unwanted robocalls at no charge to the consumer. The system works but the robocall scammers won’t let up.

"It’s just gotten extremely easy both to make robocalls and make them seem professional,” Quilici said. “The only thing that is still hard is to create a call center.”

The recordings sound legitimate. One message actually stresses time is running out to erase student loan debt.

“A few weeks ago you’ve been approved for a lower monthly payment and possibly loan forgiveness on your student loans, this prequalification will expire on Friday," one message said.

These recordings are scripted, and may be read by professional voice actors paid to record
the messages.

Another scheme plays off home security. The caller offers a free home security system if they put a company sign in their front yard. Of course, anyone who accepts the offer will find themselves signing a long-term contract with a security company they know nothing about.

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