Security Camera Sees In Color Even in the Dark

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Security cameras, like the human eye, see really well during the day. It’s a different story at night. Things aren’t so crystal clear to the eye of a camera after the sun goes down. Objects become difficult to discern when the light is low and security risks at home are the highest. Seeing is believing when it comes to monitoring and protecting your home, so it’s important to find a security camera that delivers clear, sharp video.

Bosma’s mission is to improve the night vision on security cameras with the introduction of the CapsuleCam. The HD night-vision camera, which is currently available on Indiegogo, uses back-illuminated pixel technology to increase light sensitivity in dark environments.

The company claims that its light sensitivity in dark environment is as much as three times what is typically found with many other wireless DIY security cameras on the market.

Bright backlighting, common in many rooms, often makes it difficult to distinguish between specific objects or movements. CapsuleCam’s Wide Dynamic Range enhances the ability to clearly view facial features, objects, and shapes.

Live footage can be viewed via an app on an iPhone or Android smartphone. The app also supports instant notification of movement and two-way audio.

Key Features of CapsuleCam

  • Starlight Vision – Shaper details in color even in the dark
  • Wide Dynamic Range – Corrects for intense backlighting
  • 162-degree Viewing Angle
  • Quick Playback – 16GB microSD card provides easy local playback
  • Live View – Monitor your home via an app on your smartphone
  • Motion Detection Notifications – Get updates on your phone when there is unusual activity
  • 1080p HD – Clearer and sharper images/videos
  • Two-Way Audio – Talk and listen to people at home from your phone

The CapsuleCam is available today for $79 for a one-pack; $149 for a two-pack, and d$288 for a four-pack.

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