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Posted on Dec 15, 2016 Safety and security are two of the top priorities today, whether it’s in your home or in your workplace. Here are some of the top reasons why installing a surveillance system is so important these days. YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR HOME OR WORKPLACE FROM INTRUDERS. Probably the most obvious reason why most people install surveillance systems in their homes or businesses is to deter theft and protect the property from any intruders. Intruders can be complete strangers or even people you know with malicious intent towards you, your family, or your business. 

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Security Systems of America

SSA has been offering dependable security systems for over 46 years. Whether you need more information about video surveillance options or you want to install new access control systems, we are here to help. SSA provides dependable residential and commercial monitoring services, and we always use the latest technology. Our wireless equipment and remote access systems make managing your security effortless and hassle-free. Representatives are ready to discuss your needs and preferences. 

We can also customize a package according to your budget! Let SSA provide the security you deserve. 

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Webcam Security Camera

The software will detect the first thing that moves and start recording. Can be set to record in intervals to assure the culprit is caught on tape. Can be used to detect motion even in dimly lit areas with the Night Detection feature. Stealth Mode and Super Stealth Mode allow you to cloak the window out of site away from prying eyes. This video surveillance web cam software was specifically designed to give everyone else a Security Camera with Motion Detecting capabilities with out the hefty price. 

Compare this to other web cam detection software that often cost hundreds of dollars. 

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High Quality Security Cameras

Griffon Systems recognizes that video surveillance is playing an increasingly important strategic role in today’s business. From hospitals securing the safety of their patients to industrial parks looking to prevent inefficient down-time, Griffon Systems designs comprehensive surveillance solutions customized to meet each client’s unique business requirements. Griffon Systems’ deep experience working with both IP and analog-based surveillance solutions and its distinctive technical insight enables the firm to design robust solutions that drive real value for its clients. 

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Buy HD Security Cameras at Best Price

Install best in the class security cameras which are tailored to befit your peculiar home and business surveillance needs. No matter where you on the face of the earth, Revo security cameras will always keep a keen-eye on your property. Revo offers a range of indoor and weatherproof outdoor security cameras, presented in both dome and bullet shapes. To see every single dot on the image, Revo HD security cameras would be an ultimate choice. Revo wired surveillance cameras would fill you with tranquility, and their wireless model will save you from the clutter of wires. 

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ASP Security Systems

Yes, we install residential security systems, but we also provide many, many more options, from CCTV to fire alarms. ASP Security Systems is always here to help you and your family feel safer daily. Our home automation systems are highly-effective, easy to use, and can be customized. We have the ability to customize your security system! We’ve been in this industry since 1972, and have expanded our services over time to better serve our clients. 

We’re licensed, insured, and U.L. Listed, so give us a call at 317-7384 for a free survey and estimate! 

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Southern Illinois

Things are damp, and if they weren’t damp enough as it is, April showers are on their way. If one thing is for sure, rainy days mean wet basements, and for some, it means flooding. Security Alarm has had the privilege of working with Mach 1 convenience stores, installing and servicing security cameras in Southern Illinois at over 15 locations. How Retail Security Cameras Improve Operations When asked how retail security cameras have been beneficial to their company’s overall security strategy, Mach 1 responded with 3 areas in which they felt were directly impacted. 

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Security Cameras

This is great for monitoring a baby or elderly person. Kip from Bourg, LA. Excellent PreSales, Sales and Tech Support – I highly recommend purchasing from Advance Security for all your future Security needs. Thomas from Pompton Plains, NJ. I am extremely happy with my purchases from Advance Security. 

The equipment functions great and Bill has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have what I need. Scott, USA. Scott from Longwood, FL. This is a very good product. I run four cameras on it every night and I like the dvr very much. 

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Security Systems

We install simple user-friendly security systems that are right for you! Have a user friendly, easy to operate security system professionally installed by Contact Security. We have been serving the Fraser Valley for over 20 years and are locally owned and operated, fully licensed and bonded, a member of Canasa and are the BBB’s longest listed security company in the Upper Fraser Valley. Whether you are looking at protecting your loved ones, your home or your business, Contact Security can find an affordable solution that fits your needs – as well as your budget. 

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