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《聚焦三农》为何丰收却烦恼 20180722 | CCTV农业

The Skyscraper Center

The CCTV headquarters is an unusual take on the skyscraper typology. Instead of competing in the race for ultimate height and style through a traditional two-dimensional tower soaring skyward, CCTV’s loop poses a truly three-dimensional experience, culminating in a 75-meter cantilever. CCTV’s form facilitates the combination of the entire process of TV-making in a loop of interconnected activities. Two towers rise from a common production studio platform, the Plinth. Each tower has a different character: Tower 1 serves as editing area and offices, and the lower Tower 2 is dedicated to news broadcasting. 

The main lobby, in Tower 1, is an atrium stretching three floors underground, and three floors up. The CCTV headquarters also facilitates an unprecedented degree of public access to the production of China’s media: a Public Loop takes visitors on a dedicated path through the building, revealing everyday studio work as well as the history of CCTV, and culminating at the edge of the cantilever, with spectacular views towards the CBD, the Forbidden City, and the rest of Beijing. A Media Park forms a landscape of public entertainment, outdoor filming areas and production studios as an extension of the central green axis of the CBD. The innovative structure of the CCTV Headquarters is the result of long-term collaboration between European and Chinese architects and engineers to achieve new possibilities for the high-rise. A versatile, efficient structure that bridges in bending and torsion between the Towers to create the continuous form of the Overhang section, the diagrid provides enough strength and stiffness in the Towers to carry loads to the ground. 

The structural system stiffens the podium and tower bases to favorably distribute loads to the foundation. This allows large studio spaces to be laid out within the towers. It has enabled the Overhang section to be constructed without the need for temporary propping, since the braced skin provided stability as the steelwork was cantilevered out from the towers. 

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One nation under CCTV: the future of automated surveillance

An estimated 5.9 million CCTV cameras keep watch over our every move, but the volume of footage creates a problem: when the police or security services need to actually analyse it, things move very slowly. New technology could allow police and security services to quickly analyse CCTV footage to look for movement, faces and track suspects across the world. In the aftermath of the London riots in August 2011 police scoured through more than 200,000 hours of CCTV to identify suspects. Finding missing people is similarly arduous work – when teenager Alice Gross went missing in September last year 30 officers were tasked with combing through CCTV from 30 cameras, covering a six-mile radius. CCTV analysis mostly relies on teams of specially trained officers watching thousands of hours of footage, waiting for that one crucial second of evidence. 

Read next Much public debate has centred on the sheer number of CCTV cameras keeping watch on the UK. By one estimate people in urban areas of the UK are likely to be captured by about 30 surveillance camera systems every day. In its report into policing of the London riots of August 2011 the Metropolitan Police identified updating CCTV technology as a high priority. His company is currently developing a system that it claims can make any CCTV camera in the world smart. The likes of OmniPerception and Ipsotek have sold CCTV analysis systems for years, but SeeQuestor claims its technology is different as it works with any footage from any camera, rather than relying on specialist hardware. 

Even this basic service could make a big difference – police currently struggle with more than 1,000 video formats from the millions of CCTV cameras across the UK.Once converted, the footage can be analysed. WIRED is taken through a live demonstration of the technology using CCTV footage captured during the 2011 London riots. Porter’s comments were intended to spark a debate about the number of CCTV cameras, but technological developments could soon shift the focus. 

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Source: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/one-nation-under-cctv

CCTV Cameras Dealers & Manufacturers Delhi NCR, Gurgoan

To secure our life, property and belongings, a host of surveillance systems are installed in offices, buildings, industries, hospitals, public places etc. CCTV Cameras are installed at strategic location to detect and record theft or any other unusual activities. CCTV Cameras are also used for recording events and functions too. Another application of CCTV cameras is in industrial plants, where they are installed to observe parts of a process from a central control room. IPBInfoservices provides all ranges of CCTV Cameras, Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems and Electronic Barriers, to provide complete security and surveillance systems, for installation in almost every possible location. 

IPB also assures of a dependable after sales service commitment. CS-Mount Surveillance Cameras have the greatest quality of any surveillance camera, but lack the constitution to be used outdoors without considerable effort. Night Vision CCTV Dome cameras are available for Internal and External use. Night Vision internal units are generally manufactured in plastic housings. Biometrics Access Control refers to an automated system that can identify an individual by measuring their physical and behavioral uniqueness or patterns, and comparing it to those on record. 

A DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, is a great way to record TV shows to watch later as well as watch live TV. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Video Door Phone. The Video Door Phone is a screening device which allows you to identify and communicate with visitors at your door. 

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