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Malaysia Home Alarms, CCTV Cameras, Auto Gate & Access Control System

Many devices such as the indoor cameras, the outdoor cameras, alarms, access doors, auto gate and many other such devices have helped the people to a maximum limit as they can feel secure either in their house or office or in any public places. For the prevention of crimes the CCTV cameras are used and the recent survey says that there is a decrease of 51% crime in the parking lots and 23% decrease in the public transportation areas with the help of these cameras. For the conviction of offenders and in detection the CCTV cameras are of extreme help and in tracking terrorist suspects this device is used as a fundamental tool. In the chemical industry for the manufacture of nuclear fuel some cameras such as the thermographic cameras and line-scan cameras are used, where the temperature of the processes can be measured. In US in most of the schools, too, nowadays CCTV cameras are used to track the unacceptable student behavior and to monitor the visitors in the school. 

Alarm systems are used in a building or a house to detect unauthorized entry and it is also used in military operations, in industrial and commercial purposes. Some of the safety alarms used for the public protection are the fire alarm systems, smoke detector, personal alarm, car alarms and auto dialer alarms. Door access / access control system is used to provide information security and physical security and provide restriction from entering any resource or any place. Most of the doors nowadays used have magnetic locks and they are electronically operated, but the authorized person can grant access to these doors. By looking its benefit door access systems are used in many houses and in the majority of the schools. 

Slide gates – These gates are used in most of the shops and department stores and these gates slides on wheels. Barrier gates – This gate is used on a toll booth to reduce the speed and violations of any vehicle and acts as the traffic barrier. 

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Hiwatch CCTV Kits

HDCCTVCams was launched in 2013 with the aim of offering a range of cutting edge CCTV systems and accessories to the on-line retail market. Over time, we have increased the variety of products on offer, ranging from a single camera IP CCTV kit to the full HD 32 Camera systems. All systems come with a 3 years warranty service and our lifetime technical support is unrivaled in the CCTV industry, which has been a key driving factor. A CCTV system is an affordable and cost effective way to secure your premises at all times. The modern CCTV systems record day and night, in all weather conditions and a camera alone can act as a deterrent to any potential threat. 

In the past only the most affluent people could afford to have CCTV systems installed, the price of CCTV technology has dropped considerably in the last few years resulting in more affordable systems and is the main reason why CCTV can be seen in all sorts of places. A CCTV kit comprises of a recording device such as a DVR and cameras, installed together with the use of cabling and a power source The footage from each CCTV camera is recorded onto the DVR, allowing access to days or weeks of footage and also allowing real time access locally or remotely from a Smartphone. The CCTV system is an excellent way of securing your home or business premises at all times. Crime prevention isn’t the only reason for installing one of our CCTV systems. A visible CCTV presence can also encourage good behavior. 

In shops a CCTV presence can give customers a sense of security and for those with elderly parents or young children, remote CCTV access means that you can monitor the safety of your loved ones. There may be a host of other reasons for installing a CCTV system, if you would like to discuss how you could possibly benefit from a modern CCTV kit or have any technical questions, please get in touch with our team and we would be happy to discuss this in greater detail with you. 

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Welcome to CCTV New York

Welcome to CCTV New York, Inc. Over 15 years of experience in the CCTV security industry, providing video surveillance and access control systems for residential, commercial, government, and industrial clients in the New York metropolitan area. We specialize in Mac-Compatible surveillance systems, and we can integrate multiple locations seamlessless, for remote management via PC, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Crestron-certified smart-home systems. From all-weather anti-vandal cameras to ultra high resolution color night-vision cameras, we have the knowlege to provide the best solution. Using the internet to deliver real-time monitoring, to your PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other devices, our CCTV systems offer additional improvements over previous generations of video monitoring technology. 

H.264 compression provides DVD-quality video which maximizes usage of available bandwidth, with a smaller file size but better quality than MPEG-4. From real-time CCTV monitoring and digital recording to biometric access and time tracking, we provide solutions that put you in control. Burn video as MPEG-4 directly to CD/DVD. Integrate alarm, fire, and access controls. We are centrally located in Fresh Meadows, in the heart of Queens, serving all neighborhoods of Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, New Rochelle, Nassau County, and Brooklyn. 

Most of our business comes from referrals, and we can provide you with many references testifying to our customers’ satisfaction with our level of commitment and service. Browse the Products catalog to see the latest cameras, Mac-compatible DVRs and accessories, and see our Solutions section to learn about integrated solutions for specific applications. Visit our Info pages for articles, tutorials, and general information on CCTV systems. Check out our News page to keep up on current and upcoming products, technologies, and events. 

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