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Center for Problem-Oriented Policing

There is a second mechanism whereby CCTV has the potential to reduce crime. Undoubtedly CCTV evidence is convincing, though CCTV’s ability to reduce overall crime levels through detection is less convincing and arguably a less effective way of impacting crime. Although a CCTV system may reduce the likelihood of burglary at a commercial location within the range of the camera, there is some evidence that drug markets can continue operation in the presence of CCTV by changing their operating practices. A third, more general mechanism by which CCTV may reduce crime is through an increase in collective efficacy. These studies, many of which interviewed people in the CCTV area, have examined whether consumer buying has increased in areas with new CCTV systems. 

The findings are mixed but generally show there is some reduced level of fear of crime among people in CCTV areas, but only among people who were aware they were in an area under surveillance. Regardless of the potential for a CCTV system to have a role in crime prevention, it can still make a contribution in a detection role. CCTV camera evidence can be compelling, though issues of image quality are a factor if CCTV images are used for identification purposes. As a community safety feature, CCTV camera operators can contact medical services if they see people in the street suffering from illness or injury as a result of criminal activity or non-crime medical emergencies. Although intelligence gathering is a potential benefit of CCTV, the use of intelligence gathered from CCTV to control public order through surveillance is perceived by some to be a threat to civil liberties 18. 

Although not discussed in the literature of companies that sell cameras, CCTV systems may also have some unintended consequences. CCTV is likely to have forced drug dealers to adopt a less effective way of conducting business, resulting in a net reduction in crime. 

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CCTV Dynamics – i502 Systems

Focusing on difficult security markets, CCTV Dynamics is the leader in government compliant surveillance equipment and systems design. Our systems are custom configured to match the regulation we are meeting and solving the problems of individual operators in each market. Starting out as a systems design house for security contractors and dealers, CCTV Dynamics has evolved into the leading provider of security system design and equipment for Washington State’s legal and regulated marijuana market. Our designers know i-502 like the back of their hands, and our focus is on providing a system to applicants that is not only compliant, but meets their individual needs for its use and saves them money in the process. Some i502 operators simply want a compliant system for as little money as possible, some want a system they can use to run their business, and others simply want someone else to handle the hassle for them. 

In all of these cases, CCTV Dynamics excels in providing both design and systems that work as they are intended to and get them operating their business. All of our systems are designed to be stackable or expandable, so you can get operating quickly and simply add on to the system as your business grows. Whether your system requires 10 cameras or 140 cameras, we can find ways to reduce the camera count, combine views and save you money. Once your i502 business is operating, our focus is on keeping you going and providing innovative solutions to your security needs. Our WeedWatchGPS asset tracking system is built on our GPS asset tracking solution originally intended for the pharmaceutical industry. 

WeedWatchGPS is designed to help you keep track of your assets, trucks, cash and products when its out on the road. The most vulnerable part of your operation is when your assets are outside of your full control. We want to be your security partner for years to come. 

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Source: http://www.cctvdynamics.com

.: CCTV NYC :.

CCTV Manhattan NYC of their dome shape, it is difficult…. Covert Board Cameras. Our pinhole cameras provide a cost-effective solution for any project requiring a hidden board CCTV Manhattan NYC, or a camera that can see through a small opening. The extremely small size of our board cameras gives you the flexibility to install a hidden camera into just about any object. All In One CCTV Manhattan NYC and Recorder Devices include a camera with a self contained recorder all in one device. 

Day/Night cameras offer the unique advantages of both color and black and white cameras. D/N cameras work just like color cameras during the day and switch to a B & W mode at night, using a removable IR cut filter. As daylight fades, day/night CCTV Manhattan NYC cameras sense the lower light levels and mechanically remove the IR cut filter…. Varifocal. CCTV Manhattan NYC is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems, including high-definition and IP fixed, dome and integrated positioning camera systems; next-generation video management and software-only solutions; video matrix systems; full HD displays and more. 

Wanting to add a new model to our indoor IP camera range, we set about creating the best possible professional CCTV Manhattan NYC range, designed for customers seeking the utmost in security, integration, design and reliability. HD-SDI CCTV Manhattan NYC cameras, also known as HD security cameras, are capable of capturing video surveillance footage at 1080p resolution. These high definition surveillance cameras must be used with an HD-SDI surveillance DVR. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between HD-SDI and traditional CCTV camera resolution…. Solutions. 

We offer high performance CCTV Manhattan NYC cameras, which are the most effective method of reducing crime. 

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