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[中国新闻]马英九将成立新的文教基金会 | CCTV中文国际

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CCTV News formerly CCTV – 9 is a multilingual & multi-terminal round the clock Chinese television network launched in December 2009. The fact-based programming and accurate content has consistently developed CCTV as the authoritative English language media house in the republic of 1,367,380,000 inhabitants. The wide range of coverage includes newscasts, commentaries and documentaries, talk shows, current affairs programming and miscellaneous other regional, national and international programs. The 24×7 news platform is contributing greatly to the shorter, long term and wider perspectives of the next economic power of the World. The events and stories are covered and viewed from a pure Asian Perspective. 

The property of China Central Television attracts an audience of more than 85 million peoples from more than hundred countries and different regions. The Network is aired on IPTV, Cable, Terrestrial TV and DTH. The Newscasts and in-depth reports have been successful in seeking the attention of overseas Chinese and English speaking viewers. The popular programs of the TV include News hour, China 24, and Asia Today having the domestic viewership. The channel is offering the traditional programming on History, culture, modern society of Chinese Kingdom, Asia &I World. 

The programs like Travelogue, Story Board and Rediscovering China are well evident to prove the descriptions. The webcast services provided by the CCTV including VOD, video cast, search, upload and live video have made the best digital platform in the media with the eminent facilities like audiovisual services, Internet-based integrated news and content. CCTV with its Siblings like CNTV Entertainment, channel, Economic channel, CNTV, Sports channel, CNTV Documentary, CNTV Discovery, CNTV Series and others are informing, entertaining and transforming the country into a more progressive and globalist nation. 

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CCTV Towers, Poles, Brackets & Accessories

With over 35 years of expertise in the design, production and manufacture of CCTV mounting structures, WEC has the security camera mountings to suit your application. Coupled with a highly skilled engineering background, and utilising the very latest in fabrication and assembly technology, WEC Camera Mounting Solutions is the number one, unrivalled market leader in the CCTV camera systems industry today. WEC has for many years been regarded as the market leader in the European closed circuit television mounting equipment sector. We have over 35 years of expertise in the concept, design and manufacture of CCTV mounting solutions, and in conjunction with a highly innovative and skilled engineering background, we can offer a solution to virtually any metalwork problem. Utilising the very latest that technology can offer within the fabrication industry ensures WEC remain the unrivalled number one. 

With in-house facilities such as laser profile cutting, forming and machining, the dependence upon external suppliers is kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring keen lead times and competitive pricing structure; whether it is for a one off bracket or large volume production batch. Very few engineering companies in the UK can boast the in-house facilities that WEC have at their disposal, making the group a truly one stop metal working shop. The WEC Group is ideally placed, close to the motorway network at the centre of the United Kingdom. The group fully owns four sites in a common locality, with 500,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing factory area. A workforce over 625 producing quality metalwork items 7 days a week ensures that good stock levels are maintained and customer driven delivery requirements can be realistically achieved. 

Massive stockhold of standard products available for fast delivery!Ring Sales Direct now: 01254 700200. 

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Cctv & Alarm system installers based in Birmingham UK, we supply and fit cctv and alarm and intercom systems for homes & all types of businesses, We also fit cctv systems in all types of vehicles, including Cars & Taxi’s, Trucks & Vans, Buses & Coaches. We also offer a wide range of security guard services for factories, retails parks, leisure industry, retail stores, corporate, conference venues and hotel industries. Check out our product page for stand alone DVRs, PC dvrs, Quad splitters, Dome cameras, Night vision cameras, Spy cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, Wireless cameras, Monitors, Alarm systems, Door access systems. We have access to a wide range of security products, but they are all not featured on our website, prices for items not on website will be available in your free quote. All our cctv systems are accessible to view live online from any where in the world, And most of our cctv systems now have mobile video alert, sending cctv images & live video of intruders, also all our alarm systems have the option for self monitoring, so the system will alert you in the event of an intruder, via a phone call or text message. 

We also offer Redcare for our alarm systems required by most business insurance company’s, with direct contact from the alarm receiving centre to the keyholder, or directly to our Approved security company who will respond 24 hours per day all year round, and check building for intruders and alert police where necessary,. We can install all products we sell or you can buy and install them yourself,for a free no obligation home or business survey call or email our sales team and we will book an appointment for an engineer to come around, Installation prices are different for every job, and depends on the customers installation requirements, but we have various prices shown on our services page. 

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