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Samsung CCTV

Samsung CCTV Offer line of high-end security CCTV products in Dubai, UAE, Africa and entire middle east region. Samsung is a company that takes pride in producing a wide range of CCTV security cameras and other security products that are designed to meet the needs of video security firms in the world in almost all industries. There are a number of Samsung CCTV cameras for almost all business owners. Close Circuit Television or CCTV as it is popularly known, the circuit provides users with additional benefits in terms of protecting their homes and businesses. Samsung CCTV has become the most advanced in terms of safety features. 

Samsung CCTV has several advantages in the security system sector with own cutting-edge technology. With 30 years of experience in optical and imaging technologies, Samsung Techwin offers a wide range of advanced surveillance CCTV products in Dubai including surveillance cameras, NVR, Access control Systems and DVRs. Samsung CCTV is committed to employing the best technology in the world. Samsung is a company that takes pride in producing a wide range of CCTV security cameras that are designed to meet the needs of video security firms in the world in almost all industries. One of the most frequently reported concerns that many new entrepreneurs have is what camera they should look below for their security system. 

If you are interested in a closer look at Samsung products for the security market to watch, then you might want to check into the Samsung CCTV cameras that have high characteristics that make them very useful in monitoring demanding surveillance environment. CCTV is a safety device designed for monitoring around your home and business. Although there are some companies which specialized in the manufacture of safety technologies, Samsung is considered one of the best on the market. 

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Our operators work in partnership with the local police, community and businesses to help in the fight against crime and disorder within the borough. We have effective and reliable CCTV schemes that cover public areas such as town centres, and other schemes that cover council housing. Our housing schemes are designed in accordance with MET Police guidance to provide effective coverage, making council homes safer places to live. Our CCTV control room, based at Hammersmith Town Hall, controls a network of approximately 1,200 cameras throughout H&F. We also link to shopping centres, football stadiums and other buildings to provide seamless coverage of high activity areas. 

We have direct radio communications with the Met Police. We operate our own radio system in partnership with the Parks Police and Neighbourhood Wardens to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as shops and pubs to help deal with shoplifting and other issues. The Home Office believes CCTV surveillance is particularly valuable when used as part of a wider crime reduction strategy, helping strengthen partnership with the local police. Our award-winning team of CCTV operators work in a modern control room 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. They assist with thousands of police stops every year, and around 500 arrests are made by the police that would be unlikely without CCTV. 

Our CCTV control room and operators are monitored by CCTV, and access to the control room is strictly controlled. If you are involved in an incident on our roads we will provide the police and insurance companies with footage to help with their cases. CCTV is treated in the same way as all data the council stores about individuals. Your rights and the process for accessing CCTV data relating to you is explained in the Subject Access Request form below. 

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Easy Security Systems

Easy Security Systems provide a wide range of bespoke CCTV & IP CCTV systems for both domestic and commercial customers. All of our CCTV Systems are installed and maintained to the SSAIB standards & comply with commercial and domestic insurances. We carry out site visits to design and plan a CCTV Systems that meet our customers’ requirements and all of our systems include SSAIB Certificates of compliance that can be provided to insurers. While working closely with our monitoring centre, we are able to provide our customers with Police monitored response, or manned guarding servicing should it be required. Systems can be used in conjunction with already existing access control equipment to provide an optimal security level, and that, regardless of the characteristics of the premises. 

Every CCTV system we install is done so in accordance with SSAIB standards. This is why we offer systems which are appropriate for both commercial and domestic customers. Wide Variety of ProductsThe CCTV industry has drastically evolved over the past few years and we have done everything possible to stay up-to-date with those technological advances. We provide IP CCTV systems with a 4K resolution, which is also commonly referred to as Ultra HD. For those who do not need such a high-end product, we also have the regular HD CCTV, which is an upgrade on the conventional colour camera. 

CCTV Monitoring ServicesOur firm also provides monitoring services and there are currently two options available with that feature. Remote AccessIn addition to the regular digital video recorder, which allows any footage the CCTV recorded to be watched again, we offer to our customers the possibility to remotely access their surveillance cameras. Financing OptionsNot all customers can afford to pay for a surveillance system in a single installment. 

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