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CCTV Security Cameras Analog CCTV Cameras

Common CCTV capture devices include Box, Dome and Vandal Dome Cameras, to equally popular IR Bullet Style and PTZ Cameras. The available selection of CCTV Security Cameras in the industry has matured so much that nearly any requirement has numerous models to choose from. Today Analog and CCTV Security Camera Systems are still well alive for the Video Surveillance and Security industry as well as for a variety of other uses. CCTV Security Camera Systems offer a proven solution for professional Video Security and are available in low cost to highly sophisticated packages. Hybrid DVRs are also readily available, these units offer a combination of Composite video inputs with unified DVR and NVR Software allowing CCTV and IP Cameras on a single machine. 

Highly popular for their sleek and unobtrusive appearance, the cameras likewise conceal camera focal points and make for a very attractive solution. The standard CCTV dome camera is an indoor unit unless otherwise specified by environmental or rugged qualities. As an all in one solution, these models provide a complete package and similar factors t selecting other dome cameras should be considered. Speed dome PTZ Cameras have become the most popular, however traditional style Pan/Tilt/Zoom system ranging from mobile to explosion proof units are also widely available. Our experts have years of experience in advanced PTZ cameras and we offer a huge selection of brand name, high quality units or can build you a custom solution for the ultimate in performance. 

A2Z Security Cameras provides access to all types of security and surveillance systems from numerous brand name manufacturers. Keep in mind our Feindly experts are available to assist you in finding any video security need including Solar Power Cameras, Surveillance Trailers and new HD-SDI HD CCTV Cameras. 

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CCTV Installation Repair

If you don’t already have CCTV installed or if you have a system that needs a service then I suggest that you get in touch with us, we should be able to help you out right away. Often when somebody has a CCTV system installed they don’t notice any unsavoury activity, this isn’t because you aren’t a prime target for criminal activities, but because people are less likely to carry out this sort of thing in an area that is covered by a CCTV System. Many companies actually have a practical need for their CCTV system on a daily basis. CCTV isn’t just useful for businesses however, more and more people are getting them installed outside of their households for an extra level of security. They are ideal not only to act as a deterrent, but to also check who is at your door before opening it, many of the people that I have spoken to have stated that they feel much more comfortable in a house that has a CCTV system installed. 

The majority of CCTV systems for households are well-priced nowadays, so I really do suggest getting in touch with us to find out what systems we are able to offer within your budget. If you already have a CCTV system then from time to time you may need to have it repaired. Our experts are able to deal with almost all brands of CCTV and are able to identify most problems fairly easily. Our team will be able to get the system working again as soon as possible, for the lowest price possible. Remember, there is no use having a CCTV system that doesn’t work, most problems are fairly basic. 

The best way to protect your business premises or house is through the installation of CCTV. Our company is able to install a complete system for you that will fit almost every budget. If you already have a CCTV system installed that is not acting its best then we will be able to repair it as well. 

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High Definition CCTV Systems

Instead they are more and more reliant on evidence supplied by the public from witnesses and private CCTV systems. We have extensively researched the current CCTV technology, and quickly realised that the future of CCTV is with High Definition systems, and as such we only supply analogue HD TVI and network HD IP systems. Historically, standard analogue systems are capable of achieving a maximum resolution of around 700 TVL. These older systems are commonly termed as D1 or the wide-screen version 960H. Once you have seen the clarity of the video produced by HD systems, you will realise just how poor standard analogue is. 

We have tried and tested all the current HD systems such as HD-SDi, HD-CDI, HD-AHD, HD-TVI and HD-IP. As a result we concluded that there are only two real contenders – HD-TVI and HD-IP – and we cannot see any real advantage in using the other systems, although this may change as manufacturers attempt to unload their existing stocks of SDi and CDI products at discounted prices. As such we are dedicated to supplying only TVI and IP systems. An overview of these two systems is given in the articles below. We have tested both TVI and IP systems from several different manufacturers with varying results. 

It would seem that every CCTV maker and his agent is manufacturing TVI and IP systems. Their systems are designed to be installer friendly and are thus eminently suitable for the DIY marketplace. Admittedly, the price of the Hikvision systems is somewhat higher than directly imported products, but it is really worth the extra for the peace of mind that you get with a quality product. The Hikvision TVI and IP systems are designed to automatically configure connected cameras. Hikvision also have the ‘EzViz’ system for viewing the CCTV system on mobile devices. 

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