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Home & Outdoor Security Cameras Systems & Kits

JMC Secure offers an extensive range of security cameras and surveillance systems for commercial and domestic purposes. Our range includes HD CVI, HD TVI CCTV & IP CCTV and all the accessories you will need – We do NOT supply Standard Definition CCTV video cameras anymore! Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to commercial or home CCTV cameras, with JMC Secure you’re bound to find the perfect product to suit your needs. We offer great quality security cameras in the UK at an affordable price, so you don’t need to go anywhere else. We are happy to advise on the right type of security cameras for your needs. 

Your budget will determine what format you can afford, enabling you to decide how many cameras you want and what systems will fit within your price range. You may want a home security camera or perhaps one on an office or commercial building, no matter what its purpose we are here to help. We consider resolution to be the most important factor in your purchasing decision – a higher resolution will produce a better quality image from your CCTV cameras. Almost all of our products come with remote viewing, enabling the user to log in to the system and view it remotely over the Internet from any device with an Internet connection meaning you can monitor your home security camera whilst away on holiday! Many of our online products have night vision technology which means you can guarantee being able to monitor the situation if it is a very bright day or an extremely dark night. 

We offer single CCTV cameras but also multi camera system options ranging from a twin packs to 16 camera kits. A modern CCTV camera system can be a perfect addition to any smart home solution. If you are looking for a CCTV Camera, be it for an indoor or outdoor system, the we can help you. 

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CCTV installers London|alarm systems London

At Fastronics Ltd, we are the specialists in the installation of CCTV security cameras in London and have broad experience in this field in commercial as well as domestic sectors. We also provide a comprehensive range of home security alarm systems in London and security camera systems to London residents including WhiteChapel, Muswell hill, Chigwell, and Wembley. We make sure to offer a professional, reliable and cost effective solution to the problems of our customers and our engineers keep on excelling to deliver professional security camera installation services in London with our cutting edge home security cameras. Our work ethos and high standards combine together to make us highly popular in commercial sector as well and we have also been able to develop some wonderful business relationships successfully with so many management agencies, education institutions, small business and the retail brands. We have managed to portray ourselves as a unique entity. 

Currently, we are leading the market just because of the efforts of our highly trained, qualified, and experienced personnel and when they are combined with the wonderful customer services we offer, it takes us to sky-rocketing heights. We are the service provider of choice for many home owners, commercial companies, small business and also the public sector. You should never under estimate the security requirements of your employees, customers, and your family. Avail our free consultation service and your mind will be at ease, reassuring you that you’ve chosen the best company for your security camera systems in London. We won’t just carry out the security camera installation London for you but will also offer advice, support, and the best maintenance solutions charging you far less than the competitors. 

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Home CCTV Systems Dublin Ireland Wireless Cameras

Examples of CCTV footage taken off a Home CCTV camera: kjhjashfkjdhfkdshfsdkfhdskjfhd. The 5 Critical Questions to ask when Purchasing a Home CCTV System CCTV technology is changing at the moment. Ask for a CCTV IP Megapixel quote and a Standard Resolution quotation when choosing a domestic CCTV system. Make sure your Home CCTV Equipment is branded, that includes the cameras and the recorder. Some of the worlds top CCTV brands are Samsung, Hikvision, Panasonic etc, be extra vigilant if you are told the Cameras are Sony. 

If you require a camera to view a specific area e.g. a gateway/entrance in a residential CCTV application you will require a camera with a longer range lens. We have included a video here which shows a Home CCTV camera zoomed in at approximately 30 meters capturing the vehicle registration. Our H264 Digital Video Recorders provide you with an instant search facility, can record up to 3 months CCTV footage and will automatically erase the oldest video, whilst recording the current video footage. Our DVR’s can be suit to meet a customer’s individual needs, e.g. 

if you require your DVR to only record when activity has occurred within the CCTV Camera view, this can be set up within the motion detection facility. All our Home Security Cameras can be set up with unique settings throughout the menus on all of our Home CCTV DVR’s. Our Home CCTV System is network friendly and comes set up with Online Remote access. Once this is set up you can then view your Home CCTV Cameras from work or any location in the world. Although all our residential CCTV systems are very easy to operate we do provide full training on the day of installation and full ongoing support after your Home CCTV System has been installed. 

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