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Al Sana Technical Solutions

We undertake the Annual maintenance contract of CCTV installation in Ajman. We provide cost effective annual maintenance contracts for your CCTV camera in Ajman & CCTV camera in Sharjah. We offer houses, companies, hotels, and shops across a high quality CCTV cameras in Ajman. When you are engaged with our company for Annual Maintenance Contract – CCTV AMC in Ajman, we will make sure that the CCTV Ajman surveillance system in your premises is installed and running as per Ajman police requirements. Our engineers and technicians are certified by Ajman Police authority for AMC for CCTV in Ajman & CCTV installation in Ajman also. 

We are one of the leading AJMAN police approved CCTV installation companies in AJMAN and AJMAN police approved Annual Maintenance Contract AMC CCTV Companies in Ajman. We offer Competitive rates and service for Annual Maintenance Contract AMC CCTV Ajman for Shops, Offices, warehouses, houses, villas, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing units, schools and other establishments. Our Annual Maintenance Contract for CCTV camera Ajman would be sufficient for your facility to obtain necessary approvals from government authorities for Trade license renewal in Ajman etc. We provide Ajman Police Approved CCTV Annual Maintenance Contract CCTV installation Ajman for your professional license renewal and Trade license renewal in Ajman. We are one of the best CCTV camera installation companies in Ajman. 

Our turnkey solution includes supply of Ajman police CCTV cameras & DVR, installation of camera and DVR’s as per Ajman CCTV police regulations and also we get necessary approval from Ajman police CCTV for Trade license renewal. Our CCTV Sharjah branch will also provide the same service which Ajman CCTV branch provides. 

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making your life safer

During the last 5 years Ireland has experienced a huge growth with the installation of CCTV Systems. At AlertWatch we now have over 650 customers viewing their CCTV surveillance systems remotely on their iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. There are free dedicated CCTV apps for the majority of smart phones and tablets and dedicated client software for PC’s. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you require your existing CCTV system to be set up for Remote Access. Our CCTV business has grown so much that we find on a daily basis we are carrying out CCTV System surveys and installations in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Donegal and surrounding counties. 

From small Home CCTV installations to large industrial solutions we can design a CCTV system to suit your Home or Business irrespective of what part of Ireland you are in. Whether it’s a high resolution CCTV Camera coupled with a Digital Video Recorder, an IP Megapixel Camera with a Network Video Recorder, a HD SDI Megapixel camera connected to a DVR, a vehicle registration reader CCTV camera you can be 100% assured of getting the best possible security solution installed by our expert engineers. We can overcome cabling issues by using high quality Wireless devices with our wide range of CCTV Cameras. With standard resolution cameras line of sight is normally required from the camera location to wireless camera receiver location. With IP cameras we overcome the neccessity for line of sight between the camera and the wireless receiver. 

We can also transmitt a wireless IP Camera signal for over 15 kilometres. From the CCTV Cameras to the CCTV DVR or NVR is not imperative. Call us today and our experts will provide you with crucial tips you should know before purchasing a security system. 

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Download PC-CCTV

PC-CCTV is a powerful software solution designed to provide you with an easier way to record the screen on a Windows computer. It can capture desktop activity and send a live stream to a CCTV surveillance DVR or NVR, while offering support for multiple video formats. Nifty surveillance utility for monitoring or recording screen activity Once PC-CCTV has been installed, is more or less ready to use. The application generates a series of URLs that can be provided to a DVR or NVR device, and the program begins streaming content as soon as one of these URLs is accessed. It is also possible, and even recommended, to check the stream using a program like VLC media player, as it is much easier to fine-tune the application’s settings when doing so. 

Unobtrusive application that includes some useful monitoring tools PC-CCTV is minimized to the system tray when it is launched, and all of its functions can be accessed by right-clicking the tray icon. The Settings panel can be opened from this location, but the program also provides you with a few other useful tools. You can consult the access log if you wish to keep track of which devices have accessed the stream, as well as open the system log to view a complete list of all the actions performed by the application. Lastly, the built-in TCP UDP Info utility displays all the ports currently being used by the program. Reliable application that comes with extensive documentation PC-CCTV is not very difficult to use, so most users should be able to set it up quite easily. 

It is worth mentioning that the program also provides you with a detailed user manual. To conclude, PC-CCTV is a great utility for those who wish to monitor and record the screen of a PC using a DVR or NVR device. 

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