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iPhone CCTV Monitoring � Watch your CCTV cameras on your iPhone

There are many options to view CCTV remotely with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. iCatcher Go, iCode’s entry-level application for all iOS and Android mobile devices, allows you to view high speed images from iCatcher Console or a wide range of IP cameras. iCatcher Pro provides additional features for users of the iCatcher Console CCTV Software System, including remote playback, PTZ control and automation control. iCatcher Pro is also available for all iOS mobile devices. iCatcher HD is enhanced to make use of the extra screen space on the iPad and iPad 2, and supports all the features of iCatcher Pro, along with a quad-view allowing the viewing of four cameras simultaneously. 

Please visit the Apple App Store for your download of iCatcher Go, iCatcher Pro or iCatcher HD. Additionally, iCatcher Console includes as standard an optimised webview for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad 2. Featuring an intuitive, easy to use design, you can now have the same camera and IO control from iCatcher on the move. Login and view your cameras remotely, pan tilt and zoom or even turn the lights off from the palm of your hand! The web view also features compatibility for iDomain, which links multiple camera installations together in a single web view. 

Icode.co.uk/iphone from your iOS Safari web browser to see iCatcher in action. iCatcher Go, Pro and HD support direct connection to a wide range of IP cameras. For use with the iCatcher CCTV System, iCatcher Go requires Console 3.3 build 20 and later, iCatcher Pro and iCatcher HD require Console 4.0 build 44 or later. The iPhone web view is available in Console 3.3 and later. 

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Source: http://www.icode.co.uk/icatcher/iphone

CCTV Monitoring Security Systems making your world more safer

CCTV Monitoring Surveillance Systems is an integral part of every business monitoring as even a small lapse may cause dangerous situations. We provide Remote CCTV Monitoring solutions with in-depth business monitoring expertise, innovative methods, and reliability that can make your business secure against danger. You can outsource all of your CCTV Surveillance Systems needs to us and focus on your core business activities. Supported through a network of multiple control rooms, across our portfolio of more than 100 unmonitored and unguarded centers of operation. A diverse range of customers that includes local authorities and private sector operations have benefited from our CCTV Monitoring in-house expertise in CCTV monitoring systems. 

We have been highly successful in reducing as well as detecting crime, malpractice, and theft through effective video security monitoring, and introduction of a dedicated Risk Management department. We utilize the CCTV surveillance systems latest technologies such as digital service platforms of GSM and ISDN to meet your objectives and CCTV design typical solutions. These systems allow visual monitoring as well as voice and audible warning to the protected area directly from our CCTV monitoring station. Monitoring your permission anytime from anywhere using the Internet. Our experience in CCTV Surveillance Systems shows that many businesses simply use CCTV monitoring for passively recording incidents. 

By availing our remote monitoring facility, you are ensured a virtual onsite presence and complete off-premises facilities control. To know in detail about a comprehensive set of risk management services that outsourcing CCTV Monitoring offers. 

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Source: http://www.outsourcingcctvmonitoring.com

Vehicle and In-Car Security Systems: SpyCameraCCTV.com

Car cameras are an increasingly popular choice for drivers whether it’s to act as evidence in an insurance claim or to catch vandals in the act or even deter them. Yes, in car cameras are a popular choice for car security, especially if you don’t park your car in the same place every night. With an in car camera you know that the camera will always be with your car and recording. Keep in mind that a camera in your car is likely to have a limited view of what’s going on around you car, see this example here of a man keying an Aston Martin. A camera pointing at your car will catch everything and a good quality one should be able to get a clear picture of their face for evidence. 

If you’re looking for a car camera then chances are it’s for car security so you want to get the best quality images to be used as evidence should the police investigate or you need it for an insurance claim. If you park your car on your driveway or the same spot outside of your property then having a camera pointing at your car is a great idea. You’ll get a good overview of what’s going on with your car and you’re far more likely to catch a vandal on camera. A good quality camera will catch a full view of the car vandal and get their facial features to identify them later. An in car camera is likely to go unseen by a car vandal so it may not deter or prevent them from causing damage. 

Using CCTV that can be clearly seen to be pointing at your car is the best way to deter car vandals as they’ll be looking out for cameras as part of their routine. This poses a big problem for in car cameras as most of the car is made of glass and requires the camera to be able to see outside of the car. 

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Source: https://www.spycameracctv.com/spy/cctv-systems/vehicle-security

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