Family May Move After Home Security System Spots Ghost

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The security camera system of a home in Kentucky captured some eerie footage of what appears to be an apparition and the scene was so spooky that the owners are actually considering moving! The weird scene was reportedly filmed earlier this month at the home of Pamela and Rick Carter in the city of Henderson. According to the couple, the potential spirit had first been spotted in the proverbial flesh a few days prior to when they saw a strange man walking down the street before disappearing.

Two days later, they checked the security footage and spotted the same mysterious individual. And, once again, he seemingly materialized out of thin air in the road and the end of their driveway. The possible apparition is clearly some kind of figure that takes a few steps down the street and then dissipates into thin air. When Pamela went outside to look for the man, she didn't see anyone out there, leaving her to assume, since he also wasn't caught later on video, that it was some kind of ghost.

This was later borne out, in her mind, when the couple heard a commotion at their next door neighbor's house when no one was home. They were later informed in a rather nonchalant manner that, indeed, the home was haunted. That revelation, combined with other odd activity at their own home and especially the unsettling security video, has led the Carters to think about moving out of the area to get away from all of this strangeness. What's your take on the footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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