Kangaroo hopes to make home security more affordable with its new motion sensors

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Smart home security systems from the likes of ADT, SimpliSafe and the like are great ways to protect your home. But often times the peace of mind that these systems offer comes with pricey monitoring plans. Now there’s a new player in the space looking to provide equally as effective home security but with a much more affordable price tag. Kangaroo’s new motion sensors pair with professional 24/7 monitoring to keep your home safe.

The new affordable security system is based around an expandable series of internet-connected and battery-powered motion sensors. Rather than relying on an external hub, the sensors pair over Wi-Fi to Kangaroo’s cloud-based backend to offer alerts as well as other assistance. Everything is managed through a companion iOS and Android app, which let’s you do everything from adjust preferences, arm/disarm your system and contact Kangaroo’s security assistance.

Despite its lower cost, Kangaroo offers many of the same features as its competition. You’ll get both app-based and text notifications when motion is detected alongside some other variable features. Ultimately your level of coverage depends on which of the monthly plans you opt for. A self-monitoring plan offers more simplistic notifications while the professional monitoring plan provides the kind of coverage you’d expect from ADT or other companies.

Kangaroo’s new security system enters with a $30 price tag. Depending on the size of your home, you can pick up as many additional sensors as needed to adequately provide coverage. But compared to other systems on the market, purchasing three or four motion detectors still adds up to a sizable savings.

The real benefit here is that Kangaroo’s monthly plans start at just $1 per month for self-monitoring and $9 for 24/7 professional monitoring. Even if you opt for the more expensive of the two, it’s still 33% less than choosing SimpliSafe’s entry-level plan. You’ll also start out with three months of free service, which is another added perk. So at the very least if you decide it isn’t for you, you aren’t locked in to a contract or stuck with an expensive system.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the new motion sensors ahead of their release and am pretty happy with their performance so far. The sensors reliably alert to detected motion and pair well with the companion app, quickly firing alerts when needed. They work just as advertised and are simple, easy to set up versions of similar motion sensors I already have in my home.

If you’re concerned about home security but aren’t ready to dive in to a full-blown system, Kangaroo is an affordable way to outfit your home with a solid level of coverage. Starting at $30, it’s easy to recommend just for the added peace of mind. As of now, the motion sensors are available for purchase direct from Kangaroo.

Those looking for a more expansive home security system will want to check out Abode.

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