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Remotely Monitored Cameras

We offer flexible pricing and can cater to the budget of most sites. We provide self contained wireless fire evacuation systems – ideal for the protection of onsite staff. Construction site access control systems helps restrict the movement of people around a site in a cost-effective manner. We are a leading provider in Building/Demolition Site Security, installing temporary remotely monitored CCTV with police response, to sites throughout the uk. An effective and low cost alternative to manned guarding, we are able to secure your site from as little as £105 p/w with no minimum term contract. 

Night Time Vision CCTV Cameras , Outside Motion Detectors, a Loud Tannoy Public Address System – are just some of the tools that allow us to to remotely watch over your site out of hours. As and when an intruder comes onsite and ‘sets off’ one of the outside motion detectors an email is sent through to our central station who will then check the cameras. Over £600 Million per year is thought to be the cost of construction site thefts. Therefore it is of paramount importance to thoroughly think through your security policies for the site in question. When considering to implement new security measures and their costs, it should brought to mind what would be the cost of doing nothing. 

When considering some projects the use of the Static Security Guard option maybe be out of the question due to budget restrictions. We offer a cost effective solution for companies of all sizes with simple answers e.g. warning signs to the more high tech with the use of HD CCTV that is remotely monitored. 

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CCTV Headquarters by OMA

The China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing by architects OMA are now complete. The CCTV building comprises two towers that lean towards one another and are bridged at both the the top and bottom to form a distorted loop. The building contains TV studios, offices and facilities for production and broadcasting, which will be put into use later this year. OMA have unveiled a few new projects in the last month, including a performance institute in New York and an arts venue in Moscow. CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, designed by OMA, completed. 

Today OMA participated in the official construction completion ceremony for the China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing, which will start to be used later this year. Designed by OMA as a reinvention of the skyscraper as a loop, construction on the building began in 2004. At approximately 473, 000m2, CCTV – accommodating TV studios, offices, broadcasting and production facilities – is OMA’s largest ever project and its first major building in China. CCTV defies the skyscraper’s typical quest for ultimate height. The structure of the CCTV Headquarters, and the forces at work within it, is visible on its façade: a web of diagonals that becomes dense in areas of greater stress, looser and more open in areas requiring less support. 

The façade itself becomes a visual manifestation of the building’s structure. The CCTV project was led by OMA / Rem Koolhaas, former OMA partner Ole Scheeren, OMA partner David Gianotten and project manager Dongmei Yao in close collaboration with partners Shohei Shigematsu, Ellen van Loon and Victor van der Chijs. 

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Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2012/05/16/cctv-headquarters-by-oma

CCTV Systems in Kenya

As leading CCTV suppliers in Kenya, we are a CCTV Camera systems companies in Kenya for CCTV installation in Nairobi Kenya and distributors of CCTV surveillance systems in Kenya. As CCTV cameras installers in Nairobi Kenya and CCTV dealers in Kenya who pride ourselves in offering the best high end CCTV equipment in Kenya we provide CCTV cameras for sale in Nairobi Kenya. The advisable solution for your home security systems or for monitoring commercial premises is the installation of CCTV cameras in Kenya with Infra-red sensors for Night Vision around your home or office premises. Solutions Unlimited has different types of CCTV camera systems. Such as HIK Vision, Dahua, Axis, Anviz and AcTi will give you both assurance and peace of mind, as they are very effective in property monitoring. 

The use of CCTV solutions in Kenya has risen sharply due to rise in insecurity at work or at home. We believe that customer is king and have had a long history of great customer reviews. We strive to always have a good working relationship with our customers. We are an accredited award winning CCTV installer in Kenya. Our clients always call us for advice on what to consider before buying surveillance systems. 

They don’t hesitate to recommend us to others due to the quality of work we deliver in the installation, maintenance and repair of CCTV surveillance devices in Kenya. If you are looking for a fair price and where to buy CCTV equipment in Kenya, Solutions Unlimited is known for world class, top quality CCTV installations,as a leading CCTV Supplier and a reliable distributor of CCTV cameras in Kenya. 

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