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IP CCTV Surveillance Systems

IP CCTV Surveillance Systems are increasingly offering greater functionality when compared with the traditional analogue systems. Within the security industry, IP based Closed Circuit Television is being developed to utilise the benefits of sharing corporate computer network infrastructure and with the development of megapixel cameras, provide very high resolution images. The use of IP CCTV allows utilisation of advanced analytics and higher level integration with associated electronic security systems, access control and environmental monitoring). The combined system can be presented anywhere on the network for system Operators as touch screen graphical user interfaces and managed by specialised Physical Security Information Management software providing audit trails of system activity. The IP CCTV website provides a resource that explores the benefits of deploying sophisticated IP Based digital CCTV systems for public safety, loss prevention, disaster management, Homeland Security and traffic monitoring. 

Carrying professional CCTV video over IP networks has special challenges compared to most non-time-critical IP traffic. Many of these problems are similar to those encountered in voice over IP, but to a much higher level of engineering requirements. In particular, there are very strict quality of service requirements which must be fulfilled for use in professional broadcast environments. The information included in the web site offer a guide to some of the design challenges and benefits available when using IP based CCTV systems. 

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SecureMAX has established itself as an industry leading trusted, reliable installer and service provider for surveillance and security equipment with a showroom in East London and a fabulous online store. We have been advising, supplying, fitting and selling leading security products like Qvis, Ip Cameras, Napco, HD SDI Cameras and more not found elsewhere in the UK, with many new and exclusive lines that we source throughout the world. We have a well deserved reputation for our expertise, reasonable prices and extensive selection of security products to suit all budgets and of course we are renowned for our exceptional customer service. Where you’ll find a comprehensive selection of CCTV Cameras, Digital Video Records, NVR’s designed to give a best security solution. < CCTV camera systems < Security alarm systems. We have many security systems available for small units, large homes and multi-story buildings. 

SecureMAX offers back-to-base monitoring for existing and newly installed home and business alarms, wireless alarm systems and CCTV camera systems. CCTV Installation and security cameras Over 7 years experience in the CCTV & security industry. We have a wide range of CCTV & security products to suit all budgets. CCTV & security product installersQuality CCTV & security equipment at realistic prices. Contact SecureMAX today to find out how you can install quality security to your home or business. 

Based in Upton Park, we provide high quality security installations to home owners and commercial businesses across London and Essex. 

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Monarch Cctv

We are now in our 21st year of Business – Dedicated to CCTV. Setting the standards…. We specialise in all things CCTV – including true High Definition CCTV. It makes sound business sense. The better quality you buy, the better it will serve. 

Our policy of only installing quality assured equipment strengthens our promise to you – to provide the best possible service from initial consultation through to after sales support. All enjoy the benefits of our CCTV and HD CCTV. Feel safe in our hands…. Proper care and attention is vital for CCTV systems – no matter how large or small, sophisticated or simple. Rising crime and legal liabilities mean that now more than ever, a failure in your defences could leave your business badly exposed – unless of course you are a Monarch CCTV customer…. 

We have invested in high levels of service replacement and loan stock covering a wide range of equipment – all at the disposal of our trained service technicians. You can talk to us…. …we’ll talk to you. Simple guidance can make a world of difference for effective system management. System checks, remote media management and review, service reporting, we’ll show you how to keep your system working efficiently. By embracing new technology and ideas, we’ll keep you informed of innovations relevant to your business. 

Technology has transformed our industry…. …let it help yours. 

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24/7 Maintenance Checks

Reinvent your CCTV Maintenance with CheckMyCCTV™ and proactively maintain your customer’s CCTV by detecting and reporting faults and issues using before they become critical. Traditional CCTV maintenance requires your customers to report faults between service visits, but faults are often only discovered when it’s too late! CheckMyCCTV gives you and your customers the reassurance that their CCTV is working when it’s needed most. Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails or the system goes offline. Detects if a camera has developed a fault or is tampered with. 

Reports if the system is recording for less than the expected duration. Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with. CheckMyCCTV™ autonomously logs into each CCTV system every hour and automatically performs a number of maintenance checks, such as Camera Status, Disk and Recording Status, Time Accuracy, and more. Issues are detected and reported when they occur, and service teams can be sent Daily Status Report emails showing systems which require remedial action. CheckMyCCTV™ is used as part of proactive maintenance offering, checking the status of CCTV systems so your customers don’t have to. 

The interactive dashboard shows you the status of your installations on one page, and the Web Viewer allows you to check the status of your systems on the go. Contact us to find out how CheckMyCCTV can change the way you maintain your customers’ CCTV installations, providing your customers with a higher level of service and save time, money, and resources. 

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