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HERNIS Scan Systems

HERNIS is a leading CCTV systems-house in the marine and Oil & Gas industry. We provide everything required to succeed with CCTV projects of any size and complexity. Our turnkey CCTV solutions are designed to perform safely and reliably under the most extreme corrosive and physically demanding environments. We deliver complete turnkey surveillance solutions for reliable operation in the most challenging conditions in the world. Our CCTV package covers the whole specter from assessment of needs to detailed project documentation, training and life-time support. 

Our solutions can be modified or grown as operational changes occur over the lifetime of the facility. Our latest CCTV architecture offers multi-system-access where the user logs on to his local CCTV system, but can access and control any external HERNIS CCTV system that he is authorized for. The solution caters for remote monitoring of comprehensive onshore and offshore installations. Our systems integrate with management systems, distributed control systems, process control systems and fire, gas and intruder alarms on site. Designed for the extreme, our systems perform safely and reliably all over the world meeting international certification standards for technical equipment at sea and on oil & gas installations. 

HERNIS’ CCTV equipment is characterized by low installation and maintenance cost and unrivalled durability. Find out more about our equipment and system architecture in the left hand menu. 

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Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Super Store. Experts on CCTV Cameras, Lenses, Digital Video Recorder Cards and DVR Systems, and All related accessories and equipments. We carry brands from ACTi, Axis Communications, Geovision, Computar Ganz,

Company Profile for ESS CCTV. ESS CCTV is a Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Super Store, and we provide one-stop service on security cameras and video surveillance systems, or a digital video recorder. We provide wholesale price to all your latest HD video surveillance and security camera equipment including IP network cameras and NVR’s, HD-SDI, analog HD equipments like HD-CVI and HD-TVI, and their related accessories. If you would ever need a security cameras and surveillance systems, you are at the right place!Our surveillance solution range from HD 720p to full HD 1080p, upto 5MP Megapixel cameras, so you will find the exact item that meets your requirement and budget. We carry the best products from brands like ACTI, Geovision, Veracity, Computar Ganz, KT&C, Eyemax, Fujinon, Tamron Lenses, CNB Technology and many more! 

ESS CCTV is all you would ever need to remember for your home security and video surveillance. ESS CCTV offers free online or phone consulation regards to your video surveillance systems and security cameras. Our security camera experts have provided professional advises and our service for many years, and we are waiting to help you fulfill your security needs. If you would have any questions to your existing surveillance equipments, security cameras and products we have, or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us either by phone, or by email. You can also use our contact page to contact us now! 

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advanced free Lens Calculator for CCTV designers

CCTV Lens Calculator is a free useful Lens Calculator for CCTV design. Along with the traditional feature of many Lens Calculators – calculation of the angle of view and field-of-view size depending on the distance and the Lens focal length, this CCTV Lens Calculator offers several new, more effective tools. CCTV Lens Calculator can correctly calculate all possible camera positions not only the standard one. The default values of these criteria of spatial resolution correspond to the five regions according to the CCTV Operational Requirements Manual 2009: Monitor and Control, Detect, Observe, Recognize, Identify. CCTV Lens Calculator contains photos and models of people and a car with license plate. 

CCTV Lens Calculator allows to model images from megapixel cameras, up to hundred of megapixels using PiP technology. CCTV Design Lens Calculator allows to model images from panoramic cameras. The Lens Calculator has Digital ZOOM tool for more accurate estimation of resolution. CCTV Lens Calculator allows to export the results of calculation and models of images as screenshots in formats *. bmp, *. 

jpg, *. gif, *. tiff, *. png. CCTV Lens Calculator can operate metric and imperial measurement systems. 

CCTV Design Lens Calculator calculates the spatial resolution by a simplified way, along the main optical axis of the camera. CCTV Design Lens Calculatot does not take into account lens distortion. 

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Source: http://www.cctvcad.com/CCTV_Design_Lens_Calculator.html

CCTV law Data Protection Act advice

By law, there has to be a person or organisation responsible for the scheme. The purpose of the scheme must be notified to the Data Protection Commissioner. Operators of the scheme need to be made aware of the purpose, and can only use it for that purpose. The equipment must be limited to cover only those areas designated. Operators should not be able to adjust or manipulate cameras to cover areas not declared as part of the scheme. 

If it is not possible to restrict camera coverage of unauthorised areas, operators are required to be properly trained to recognise the privacy implications of covering such areas. Signs should be placed to warn that the public are entering an area covered by CCTV. The signs should be clearly visible and legible and will vary in size according to circumstances. Signs should give the identity of the person or organisation responsible for the scheme, contact details and the purpose of the scheme. It is permitted in extreme circumstances not to have signs, but this rule is subject to stringent conditions. 

Information obtained by CCTV is only to be used for prevention or detection of criminal activity, or the apprehension and prosecution of offenders. It should not be used for any other purpose except in exceptional circumstances. It is not generally permitted to make sound recordings of any person, and never without their knowledge unless the recording is used to detect criminal activity. 

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Source: http://www.cctv-data-protection.info/legal1

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