Bureze Security News for 09-19-2018

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In order for a CCTV camera to work, a functioning CCTV Monitor must be present in the prison. CCTV Monitor must be constantly monitored by a guard. As of Alpha 20, guards will position themselves at a CCTV Monitor by themselves. There is no current known limit to the amount of CCTV Cameras that can be linked to a Monitor. Only 8 cameras will be viewed on one monitor at a time. 

If more than 8 are connected, the monitor will cycle which cameras are being viewed by the monitor. While it is possible to link more than 8 cameras to one monitor, the more you add the spottier the coverage will be as the guard can only view 8 cameras at any one time. To ensure cameras are always being monitored with no down time ensure you have 1 monitor for every 8 cameras placed. In order for a guard to voluntarily position themselves at a CCTV monitor they must have free time. Any guards not deployed will then be assigned to prisoner intake or movement; and finally any remaining guards will wander into the security office and use the CCTV monitor. 

To ensure coverage check that you have enough guards to cover all other prison needs and resting periods so that extra guards will wander in and monitor the cameras. Connections must be made from the CCTV monitor out to the CCTV camera and will not work in the other direction. 

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VideoCAD Professional

Calculations Calculating geometric parameters of camera view area in any camera position. Calculating size of the active area of the image sensor in dependence of the aspect ratio of the image sensor and the aspect ratio of the output image of the camera. Calculate the image size on display of any object in camera view area in percentage of display size, pixels and millimetres. Choose the best positions and calculate control areas of PTZ cameras, Dome cameras and 360 degree cameras. Simulation of the horizontal projection of the view area and visualization of the spatial resolution distribution of Panoramic cameras. 3D modeling layout and camera view areas VideoCAD has special 3D World window with standard tools for 3D navigation. 3D visualization of the control areas of PTZ cameras, Dome cameras and 360 degree cameras. 

Visualization of camera coverage area and spatial resolution distribution on the surrounding objects of Panoramic cameras. Modeling images from cameras based on camera parameters and scene conditions Model observed scene parameters. Model moving objects, camera frame rate, create animated images with moving 3D models. Simulation of image resolution and view area limits of Panoramic cameras. Obtain Image Model for each camera in the project based on models of scene and equipment. 

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Vista CCTV

For installers looking for a mid-range offering with high-end support, Vista is the perfect solution. We pride ourselves on a range of differentiated products, developed in alignment with customer feedback, and can provide a relevant solution that helps you stand out in the ever-changing market place. With over 25 years’ experience in the CCTV industry, we have made it our mission to understand your business. Headquartered in Reading, UK, everything we do is based around our values of listening, understanding, advising and supporting. Vista don’t just provide products; before we offer any solution we listen to your specific requirements. 

The Vista Business Development team work closely with you and your End Users to ensure you get exactly what you need to meet your project requirements. We will help you prove the suitability of the suggested solution through technology days or demonstrations at our Innovation Centre. By choosing Vista, you’ll be working with a partner that will stand by you every step of the way and help to resolve any issues by taking ownership of the solution. You’ll benefit from our pre-configuration services, a 3 Year Advance Replacement as standard, Technical Support, along with Customer Services and Product Management teams to ensure that your project is a success. 

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CCTV Installation

The Surveillance cameras are installed to capture any movement at any particular moment 24hrs non stop and well as record and store the events. These will be a definite deterrent against would be criminals/thieves. The System can be linked to your existing security service provider i.e. G4S, Security Group Limited, KK Security, Seculex, Sentry and Patrol, Radar, BM, etc. The alarm will deter the person from entering the premises, as it serves as an early warning device if the cameras Senses any illegal movements thus triggering the Alarm System. 

The System can also be Linked to be viewed at any place through Internet. The CCTV Systems can use IP Cameras with NVR, wireless, analogue via DVR and both IP and Analogue with Hybrid DVR.About CCTV. A CCTV system is a sensitive and most vital type of system, which once it has been installed cannot be left to maintain itself. To ensure that it works effectively we offer Monthly, Bi-monthly and Quarterly Maintenance Contracts which will give peace of mind to the Bank and its Clients. Nelion Engineering Company provides Quality CCTV products Ranging From 420TVL to 600 TVL and still improving soon will have 700 TVL. 

Our products are affordable to everyone who requires CCTV system. 

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