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Schneier on Security

Pervasive security cameras don’t substantially reduce crime. Most famously, CCTV cameras helped catch James Bulger’s murderers in 1993. To some, it’s comforting to imagine vigilant police monitoring every camera, but the truth is very different. The best camera systems can still be thwarted by sunglasses or hats. Cameras afford a false sense of security, encouraging laziness when we need police to be vigilant. 

Unlike an officer walking the street, cameras only look in particular directions at particular locations. Cameras aren’t completely ineffective, of course. If a local Tesco installs cameras in its store, and a robber targets the store next door as a result, that’s money well spent by Tesco. The question really isn’t whether cameras reduce crime; the question is whether they’re worth it. The funds spent on CCTV cameras would be far better spent on hiring experienced police officers. 

Ten years ago, cameras were much rarer than they are today. Already, companies like L-1 Security Solutions are developing police-state CCTV surveillance technologies like facial recognition for China, technology that will find their way into countries like the UK. The time to address appropriate limits on this technology is before the cameras fade from notice. 

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CCTV Delhi, CCTV Cameras Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Guragaon

Today, for everyone security is one of the major concerns. With the escalating crime rate, people take various preventive measures to protect the property and valuable possession from any kind of uncertainty. With the advancement in the technology CCTV has emerged as one of the best and efficient security and surveillance system. Now a day, CCTV cameras are used at the most the places to provide a higher level of security and protection mainly in the public areas like railway station, airports, malls, main markets etc. CCTV systems can be installed at the home and business establishments where one need to protect their valuables. 

CCTV in Delhi NCR is widely used and proven to be a helpful and reliable security system that works better than the other available security systems. Today many advanced CCTV systems are available in the market that features enhanced camera clarity, wide are coverage, easy to operate. If one wants to install a CCTV surveillance system in their house or office they can easily get one from online as well as an offline medium. There are many dealers that offer a wide range of high-tech CCTV in Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi India. To locate the best dealer in the city one can browse the internet or ask referrals. 

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Electronic Security and CCTV Installation London = 02087695404

We have a track record of successful delivery for installation and maintenance of security systems in London. We design, supply, install and maintain a wide range of Electronic Security & surveillance Systems in London. This includes: CCTV, door entry intercom, access control, intruder alarm, fire alarm, security lighting and security locking systems. Our high caliber security installers can put an end to many security risks, whether it’s for your home or business. You can request a free and no obligation Quote online. 

If you wish a member of our team can visit your premises and provide you with all the security advice you may need. All quotes come with a price promise policy; If you find a cheaper quote with the same specification, we will beat that quote for you. Book a Security Site Survey now or simply call us on 02087695404. We have Installed security systems in many unique situations. Our broad knowledge along with our project managers’ problem solving skills has enabled us to provide a suitable security solution to many of our client’s security concerns. 

All of our security and CCTV system installers are qualified and competent in relevant aspects of CCTV and Security. Quick Response CCTV Ltd. has been independently rated 9. 

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Los Angeles Residential and Commercial security, CCTV and Security Cameras Installation, Access Control and Burglar Alarm

Most of traditional CCTV installations are using CIF and D1 resolutions. The next generation of cameras is HD, full HD and multi-Megapixel cameras. Please be advised, that the distance between the camera to the object is also important to determine the required resolution. ZURTECH Inc is a professionsl CCTV and Security Camera installation contractor in the greater Los Angeles area. We specialize in security camera installation, IP Megapixel CCTV installation, Access Control Systems and A/V. 

ZURTECH has extensive experience in both designing and installing low voltage security systems. Our specialty is quality security camera installs – both in design and workmanship. We use only the highest quality cameras, protecting your investment and ensuring your hardware will last for years to come. We service residential and commercial customers in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in California. ZURTECH will visit your job site and advise you on the best security camera solution based on your budget and requirements, what is the best solution and gear necessary to achieve your goals. 

After the installation ZURTECH will give you the necessary training for your security system. All of our installations come with a long term warranty. 

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