Bureze Security News for 09-22-2018

Technical Training Specialists

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you from all the team at Hi-Tech Training. We are in business over 30 years and our experience of providing high quality training courses is second to none. Our aim is to assist ambitious people on their journey to move up into higher paid, more secure jobs in the fields of Analogue and Digital Electronics, Alarm Installation, CCTV, Access Control and Alternative Energy. If you are a newcomer to the field or already working in these industries, Hi-Tech Training can provide you with the specialised training and certification essential for success in today’s competitive jobs market. Hi-Tech Training offer courses of study which are practical in application and hold validated world renowned Certification and Accreditation. 

Each module can be taken separately or as part of an overall programme incorporating all the required modules for an overall award. Learners receive a component certificate for each module they successfully complete. When a learner has successfully completed the required component certificates for an overall award they automatically become eligible for the overall certificate. Hi-Tech also give students the opportunity to achieve Hi-Tech’s coveted professional certification. 

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Tech & Setup Support & Information

Many additional videos and guides for other topics and advanced features can be found in the sections listed below. Welcome to CCTV Security Pros tech and setup support. Here you’ll find all the tools, information, and resources to get your security system up and running quickly and easily. Browse our step-by-step tutorials, illustrated documents, including quick start guides, and instructional videos. You’ll find your security camera setup and maintenance to very simple and straightforward process. 

All our commercial security camera systems are supported by live USA tech services, available from Monday to Friday. Having reliable setup and tech support services is critical to ensuring your security camera and surveillance system is up and running easily and quickly. We welcome you to find professional CCTV camera support and other help from our dedicated tech support experts. Your security camera setup process doesn’t have to be complicated. Our support experts are here to help you and your project. 

Whether it means helping you with DVR support online, troubleshooting an issue or selecting the right security surveillance system for your business, we’re here to support your needs and our quality products every step of the way. 

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Source: https://www.cctvsecuritypros.com/tech-setup

Door Automation Solution

iTec is set to deliver technologically innovative digital state-of-art integrated security products, high tech parking management solutions and remote door automation to the industry. Our products are designed to meet the best quality standards, reliability & safety features. From the very simple security surveillance task to large integrated access control solutions, today iTec promise to deliver the right technology to meet the challenges of today’s modern business world. With focused management approach, iTec has quickly identified, executed and excelled every planned product range to meet the growing demands of the industry. By working closely with its partners, iTec constantly improves technology, quality control and its operations. 

It’s our goal to become the leading provider of innovative products from security solutions, parking system and door automation to the world, and together with our reliable business partners in each of our targeted global sectors. Our Corporate strategy is to enrich the professional approach towards the industry and to expand our worldwide cooperation through distributors, channel partners & system integrators in order to provide full featured and value-added products to the industry. 

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Source: http://www.itecglobal.com

Swann Security UK UK

With Swann, you can find a CCTV camera system to fit your property size and security needs. Browse by 4, 8, or 16 channel security systems with DVR or NVR recorders and free smartphone apps. 8 channel unit supports up to a maximum of 8 cameras. This product can record up to 5 Megapixels Full HD resolution. 16 channel unit supports up to a maximum of 16 cameras. 4 channel unit supports up to a maximum of 4 cameras. This product can record up to 4 Megapixels Full HD resolution. 4 Channel 4MP Network Video Recorder with pre-installed 1TB HDD / 2 x 4MP Cameras / SwannLink ‘Peer to Peer’ easy network connection software / VGA & HDMI Output / Web and Smartphone remote viewing / Transfer to external storage via USB or networkBe protected & see every detail in HD. New. 

This product can record up to 3 Megapixels Full HD resolution. Be protected & see every detail in Full HD. New. Be protected & see ever detail in Full HD. New. 8 Channel 1080p Digital Video Recorder with pre-installed 2TB HDD / SwannLink ‘Peer to Peer’ easy network connection software / VGA & HDMI Output / Web and Smartphone remote viewing / Transfer to external storage via USB or networkBe protected & see every detail in HD. 


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Source: https://www.swann.com/uk/products/cctv-systems

Delhi mass hangings: CCTV footage backs suicide theory

India police investigating the deaths of 11 family members found dead in their home in the capital Delhi say they have recovered CCTV footage which supports a theory of mass suicide. The footage shows family members carrying stools and wires used in the hangings into the house, police said. A post-mortem report confirmed that all 11 died due to hanging. Police told the BBC that despite the footage, they they had not ruled out murder and are still investigating. Many questions remain unanswered in the case, which has gripped the country. 

All the dead were blindfolded and gagged, with their hands tied behind their backs. It is not clear how they would have been able to do this before killing themselves. They include 75-year-old Narayan Devi, her daughter, two sons, their wives and five grandchildren aged between 33 and 15. Police have also found 11 diaries, which they believe belonged to Lalit Chundawat, who was Narayan Devi’s youngest son. The family lived in a three-storey house in Burari, a largely middle-class area of North Delhi. 

The oldest grandchild, Priyanka, who was 33, was among the dead. She got engaged two weeks ago and the family had thrown a large party to celebrate, inviting many people in the area. 

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Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-44722125

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