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Horrific CCTV captures moment two teens ‘nearly disembowel’ boy, 17, in street stabbing

The yobs also nearly disembowelled their victim after viciously stabbing him in the stomach, exposing his intestines. Aylesbury Crown Court lifted a naming restriction on one of the attackers, Kieran Okocha-Sleight, of Aylesbury. He pleaded guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm and two counts of possession of a bladed weapon, and has been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. Another 15-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted one count of assault, and was sentenced to a six-month detention and training order. The pair initially denied responsibility for the attack on June 14 this year. 

After an investigation by Thames Valley Police, officers found the incident captured on private CCTV and forensic evidence that led to the teenagers. Their victim was nearly killed after the blade perforated his heart and caused his intestines to protrude through the abdomen. His attackers had waited for him to return to his car before springing on him in what is thought to have been a planned assault. Emergency services rushed to the scene after receiving reports of a teenager with serious injuries, and the speed of their actions has been credited with saving the boy’s life. CCTV footage shows the moment the pair set on their victim, who can be seen walking towards his car, before he is followed by the pair and is initially lunged at by a boy wearing a dark blue hoodie. 

After sprinting from the attacker and another boy clad in sky blue T-shirt and jeans, the victim is chased off camera by the pair. The boys are then seen back on-screen, walking away from the scene with their faces covered, and Okocha-Sleight slips what seems to be the knife into his jacket. 

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7491997/horrific-cctv-captures-moment-two-teens-nearly-disembowel-boy-17-in-street-stabbing/

WATCH: CCTV footage shows kidnapping of Hannah Cornelius and friend

Two men captured on CCTV footage at a Stellenbosch petrol station, recorded on the night of Hannah Cornelius’ murder, were identified by her friend Cheslin Marsh in the Western Cape High Court on Thursday. The first video clip allegedly shows Vernon Witbooi, as identified by Marsh, walking into the petrol station to use the ATM at 04:00 on May 26, 2017. Marsh and Cornelius were sitting in her parked VW Citi Golf when they were allegedly hijacked by Witbooi, Parsons and Van Niekerk. Both Stellenbosch University students were robbed of their cellphones and bank cards before Marsh was stuffed into the boot. Marsh said he recognised Parsons by the beanie and jacket he was seen wearing in the clip. 

Their attackers then drove to a Caltex on the corner of Bottelary Road and Koelenhof Street, where they attempted to withdraw money from Marsh’s bank card. One of them returned to the car and banged on the boot, demanding the correct PIN. Marsh explained that he had given them the correct PIN, but that they had used the wrong card. Marsh and Cornelius were then driven to a remote, bushy area where the 22-year-old man was assaulted. During a short adjournment to allow Marsh to compose himself, the co-accused were seen talking and laughing. 

ALSO READ: Friend of slain Hannah Cornelius expected to continue testimony about their ordeal. When Marsh returned, he went into great detail, explaining that he had scaled a wall and tried to enter the home through a sliding door. Marsh was chased away, but eventually, Kraaifontein residents called the police to assist the young man. 

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Source: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/watch-cctv-footage-shows-kidnapping-of-hannah-cornelius-and-friend-20181011

Men spike woman’s drink with MDMA before sexually assaulting her in CCTV released by police

Two men who were caught on CCTV spiking a woman’s drink before raping her have been jailed for 24 years in total. The two men were convicted after pleading not guilty to charges of tricking a female friend into drinking the spiked alcohol, before sexually assaulting and raping her. In November last year the victim, a 21-year-old woman who both men knew, was picked up by Miah and Ahmed in their car in Bethnal Green. While the woman waited outside in the car, Miah and Ahmed bought alcohol in the shop. Toxicology testing later revealed that the pair had put MDMA, a Class A drug, into the drink. 

The men then returned to the car and forced their victim to drink the spiked alcohol by pinching her nose shut. The woman later lost consciousness, after which she was sexually assaulted by both men and then raped by Miah. She awoke hours later, sitting on the side of the road outside the car wearing only her vest and underwear, to the laughs of her assailants. The two men then drove her around various car parks in the area to pick up her clothes which they had tore off while they attacked her. Detectives investigating the incident quickly discovered she had been drugged and later tracked down the CCTV footage, which proved Miah and Ahmed’s guilt. 

The attackers were arrested at Gatwick Airport just eight days after the rape was reported, after coming back from a holiday to Morocco. Miah was convicted of rape, administering a substance with intent to overpower to allow sexual activity and assault by penetration, and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. 

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Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/mdma-spike-drink-video-sexual-assault-east-london-met-police-cctv-video-a8584421.html
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