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Islington Council’s public protection surveillance camera system is one of the tools used to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough. Our CCTV operators are fully qualified in public space CCTV and are police checked and security industry registered. Our control room monitors 156 public space cameras and we also have 6 3G 20 4GHD re-deployable cameras that can be used on the Borough to deal with emerging problems. Our cameras move 360 degrees and are positioned so that they do not intrude into private areas. All of these Islington Council cameras have a notice below them with a contact number. 

The council stores images recorded from CCTV cameras for 31 days, after which time it is automatically deleted. To apply for access to CCTV personal information, please see CCTV data requests for guidance and application form. Information Commissioners Office CCTV codes of practice. Islington council surveillance camera team take any concerns or complaints very seriously and have procedures for complaints. More often or not we have more demands for Surveillance cameras to be put in place than we do actual complaints about existing cameras. 

We did not receive any formal CCTV complaints for 2017. For independent advice and guidance on surveillance cameras you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office helpline on 08456 30 60 60, or see The Information Commissioner’s Office website. 

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Source: https://www.islington.gov.uk/community-safety/cctv

Analogue & IP CCTV Solution

Designing and manufacturing robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance. Dedicated Micros is an international market leader in developing and manufacturing specialist CCTV control and monitoring equipment. Since 1982 the business has been industry renowned for the design and manufacture of robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance. Many technological developments originally brought to market by Dedicated Micros have formed the building blocks for the success of today’s CCTV industry. Founded and guided by industry pioneer Mike Newton, it has and continues to be behind some of the most advanced surveillance equipment on the market. 

From its UK headquarters and Maltese manufacturing base, Dedicated Micros continues to produce high quality surveillance monitoring equipment to a client base across the globe. Dedicated Micros services many applications that are used in NetVu Ltd solutions, with DM Network Video offering consultancy and high-end solutions such as fire detection system FireVu and mobile surveillance system TransVu, which offers resilient, high-end, mobile Digital Video Recorders. 

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Source: https://dedicatedmicros.com/analogue-ip-solution/

New CCTV Footage Shows Las Vegas Shooter Assembling His Arsenal at Hotel

Previously unseen CCTV footage from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where Stephen Paddock shot 58 people dead last October, shows the murderer methodically planning his attack and duping staff into carrying his stash of deadly weapons to his room in more than 20 suitcases. The footage, obtained by The New York Times, also shows Paddock eating and gambling alone in the hotel in the days leading up to the attack. Over the course of seven days, Paddock tricked staff into bringing 21 bags to his suite on the 32nd floor, which contained 23 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The shooter asked to stay with his luggage each time it was brought up to his room and the footage shows staff taking him and his bags to the 32nd floor via a service elevator. Paddock is also shown frequently driving to and from his hotel, returning with bags picked up from his home in Mesquite-an hour north of the hotel. 

The last sighting of Paddock is of him arriving at the 32nd floor in an elevator around nine hours before he began the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. 

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Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/new-cctv-footage-shows-las-vegas-shooter-assembling-his-arsenal-at-hotel

American Foundation for the Blind

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Source: http://www.afb.org/ProdBrowseCatResults.asp?CatID=53

Community Crime Prevention Victoria

CCTV can deter potential offenders from criminal activity and help with the detection, investigation and prosecution of offenders. CCTV can also increase people’s perceptions of safety and their use of public places. Evidence suggests that the best outcomes are achieved when CCTV is used together with other crime prevention strategies tailored to the specific local issues and context. There is a significant range of issues to be considered in determining whether CCTV is an appropriate response to local crime and antisocial behaviour issues. Presentations about CCTV. 

Below are a number of presentations about CCTV which may be useful when considering a CCTV project in your area. CCTV considerations and options by Phillip Boyd, CCTV adviser. 

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Source: https://www.crimeprevention.vic.gov.au/resources/cctv

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Features Explosion-proof certificationComplete Fieldeye camera unit compiles to TIIS Exd II CT5. CompactThe Fieldeye is an amazing 75% smaller and lighter than the competition’s cameras. LightweightThe Fieldeye weighs in at only 19kg. UnifiedNo additional wiring is needed as the Fieldeye is a self-contained unit complete with pan motor, tilt motor, camera block, power supply and telemetry receiver. ReliableThe entire Fieldeye unit is constructed entirely by Yokogawa without the use of any third-party components. 

Corrosion protectedHousings are made from SUS316L stainless steel and coated with electrolytic polishing. February 16, 2016 FC33 pan-tilt type CCD color camera and FC34 fixed zoom type color camera were added. 

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Source: https://www.yokogawa.com/solutions/products-platforms/components/closed-circuit-television-cctv/
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