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Benjamin Tamási – Hacking CCTV systems

CCTV surveillance camera catches package thieves in the act

Now he had to wake up his sleeping fiancée, Kylee Fratto, and tell her there were no presents on her birthday. Jeff, a cautious man, had long ago set up a fixed Closed Circuit TV surveillance camera outside his house. The CCTV captured footage of a man with a tribal tattoo breaking into Kylee’s car. Jeff and Kylee decided to check the camera’s recent footage. She disappeared in the camera’s blind spot once she reached the packages, but sure enough, seconds later she emerged with Kylee’s presents. 

Kylee posted surveillance pictures to a Facebook page where users came together to track stolen items in the Kansas City area. Kylee asked for help identifying the thieves, and within seconds, community members pooled their knowledge to catch the birthday busters. Within minutes, Facebook users recognized the thieves and shared their profiles with Kylee. In other words, with help from the community, Kylee and Jeff seemed likely to nail these package pillagers. When authorities arrived, Kylee and Jeff handed over all they knew: what the suspects looked like, their names, and one of their phone numbers. 

The male slipped away and authorities only recovered two of four birthday gifts meant for Kylee, but at least Kylee could celebrate some justice. Kylee and Jeff surely aren’t the only couple to find justice through social media, either. 

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Nepean Hospital shooting: Graphic CCTV shows moments after police officer was shot

Newly released security vision shows the panic inside Sydney’s Nepean Hospital on the night Sergeant Luke Warburton was nearly killed by a patient. In the CCTV, the dog squad officer can be seen walking up to bay 12, where he asks Michael De Guzman to let go of the doctor he has in a headlock and the scissors he has to her throat. The officer disappears off-screen as he rushes in with capsicum spray. Graphic footage has been shown in court of the moment a police officer is shot with his own gun. It is during the struggle that De Guzman manages to grab Sgt Warburton’s gun and fire off two shots. 

Staff sprint away in panic, as others drag the badly injured officer to safety with a trail of blood behind him. His colleague can be seen with a gun, yelling at De Guzman to drop the pistol. The NSW District Court also heard audio from a police body camera of De Guzman yelling. De Guzman was shown in the footage grabbing a nurse in a headlock with scissors in his hand. Michael De Guzman has pleaded not guilty on mental grounds. 

Sergeant Luke Warburton was at the hospital when his gun was wrestled out of his hands and he was shot. De Guzman has pleaded not guilty to charges, which include shooting with intent to murder, on the grounds he was mentally ill. 

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Source: https://www.9news.com.au/2018/10/24/19/19/nepean-hospital-footage-police-shooting-luke-warburton

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Bullet cameras are small cameras with a fixed focal length and are ideal for small spaces like homes, small offices and more. In, you will find spy cameras placed in shirt buttons, calculators, pens, car key or even watches. Dome cameras, named after their shape, come with cameras fitted in the dome and are either mobile or mounted on walls or ceilings. Amazon India features a wide variety of security cameras. Browse our various types of cameras and find the best hidden camera or any other type of security camera that caters to your needs. 

You will also find accessories required for your cameras like cables, network DVR and more. The selection includes surveillance cameras and accessories from ADVISION, NPC, Sony, Brinno and more. 

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CCTV footage shows tragic final hours of Newcastle student who died after initiation event

Footage showing the tragic final hours of a Newcastle University fresher who died from the ‘toxic effects’ of alcohol on an initiation event has been released. They then proceeded to the home of James Carr, the society’s chairman at the time, where Mr Farmer was found collapsed and unresponsive in the early hours of December 13 2016. The distressing CCTV footage played at the inquest shows Mr Farmer collapsed on the floor at Monument Metro station before going to the house in West Jesmond. Mr Farmer was too drunk to walk unaided and is seen being carried by two friends as the 40-strong group headed back to the Sanderson Road property where first years were told to crawl into a sheep pen and drink vodka from a pig’s head. CCTV also showed the group heading to Beyond Bar in The Gate where they were told to sit in silence and down 100 vodka trebles in just seven minutes. 

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Source: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/cctv-footage-shows-tragic-final-15330497
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