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CCTV에 찍힌 귀신의 모습

Wangetti Beach murder: Toyah Cordingley’s final hours caught on CCTV

QUEENSLAND Police have released the CCTV of Toyah Cordingley’s final hours before she was murdered on a remote beach north of Cairns in the hopes it will uncover the 24-year-old’s killer. Detective Inspector Sonia Smith made another appeal for public assistance today, telling reporters they were still hunting for a suspect more than a week after Ms Cordingley’s murder on Wangetti Beach. The final photos of Ms Cordingley, taken the day before her murder, surfaced on social media last week that showed the 24-year-old working at a Cairns market. The pictures showed a white-blonde-haired Ms Cordingley handing out samples of camel milk at Barr St Markets on October 20. The next day, Ms Cordingley spent some time at Rusty’s Market in before driving the 40kms to Wangetti Beach to walk her dog. 

By late Sunday night, Ms Cordingley still wasn’t home and her family reported her missing. Toyah’s dad Troy Cordingley led a search party to Wangetti Beach the next morning, finding his daughter’s body in the sand dunes. A week after Ms Cordingley’s murder, police are still hunting for her killer and are widening their search. Police set up Crimestoppers stalls at Rusty’s Market in Cairns and at Wangetti Beach over the weekend, resulting in the number of public tips hitting 530. Detectives are still hoping to speak to a family that was in the Wangetti Beach carpark just before 1.30pm. 

Ms Smith reminded the family they spoke to a couple in the carpark about a sausage dog. They’re also appealing for any scenic photographs or footage taken at Rex Lookout on October 21 that may hold information relating to Ms Cordingley’s murder. Ms Smith said Queensland Police was pouring all of its resources into finding the 24-year-old’s killer. 

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Source: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/queensland-police-release-cctv-of-toyah-cordingleys-final-hours-as-the-investigation-continues/news-story/a92b9f168778659ab6661ed2c3ecee8a

Leicester City helicopter crash captured on CCTV

Harrowing CCTV has captured the moment Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha’s helicopter crashed seconds after take-off before crashing and killing all five passengers. Footage shows the billionaire’s helicopter taking off from the King Power Stadium in a seemingly routine manner before it appears to malfunction above a line of trees. It then spins out of control mid-air before hurtling towards the ground and bursting into flames. The billionaire perished with his assistant Kaveporn Punpare and Nursara Suknamai, a Thai beauty queen turned PA, when the aircraft spiralled into a ‘dead man’s curve’ when its tail rotor apparently failed. The helicopter’s hero pilot Eric Swaffer and his girlfriend co-pilot Izabela Lechowicz also died – but potentially saved hundreds of lives by crashing away from the crowds of fans who saw Leicester play West Ham.Today the Air Accident Investigation Branch [AAIB] confirmed they have found the aircraft’s black box recorder and will be forensically examining the wreckage and crash site before moving it to Farnborough, Hampshire, by Friday. 

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch is carrying out an investigation into what caused the Agusta Westland AW169 helicopter to crash a few hours after the Foxes’ 1-1 result against West Ham.It is believed to be the first accident involving an AW169 aircraft. In a statement the AAIB said: ‘We recovered the digital flight data recorder on Sunday afternoon and one of our inspectors travelled back to Farnborough with the recorder the same evening. ‘Today, our inspectors in Farnborough will start working on the recorder, which was subject to intense heat as a result of the post-accident fire. ‘Our inspectors are continuing to work with the police on site. 

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Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6329635/Dramatic-CCTV-captures-moment-Leicester-owners-helicopter-crash.html

Horrifying CCTV video shows moment Leicester City owner’s helicopter spirals out of control and crashes outside King Power Stadium

The Leicester City football club owner was killed instantly when the chopper came down in a car park behind the King Power Stadium after a Premier League game between the Foxes and West Ham on Saturday. Footage has since captured the horrific final moments before the helicopter crashed – bursting into a fireball. The chopper can be seen taking off from the stadium, flying just 200m before it suddenly appears to spin out of control. Witnesses recalled seeing the officer run straight towards the helicopter, leaving his colleague standing beside their police car. The Air Accident Investigation Branch confirmed today they had recovered the helicopter’s black box from the wreckage as they search for clues around just what happened in the seconds before the crash. 

As the investigation into the tragedy continues, Leicestershire Police today responded to speculation the helicopter had collided with a drone from the force. Pilot Eric Swaffer was praised as a hero after the crash, with the pilot believed to have steered the helicopter away from crowds as it hurtled to the ground. A ‘dead man’s curve’ occurs when a helicopter’s tail rotator stops working. This makes the chopper almost uncontrollable as it starts to spin out of control. At a high altitude, a pilot is taught to turn the engine off, which will stop the helicopter from spinning. 

Another witness Richard Mobbs, said he had known Vichai – and had been waiting outside to get autographs when he saw goalkeeper Kaspar Schmeichel run out to the scene. Schmeichel was seen in tears moments after running out of the King Power stadium to witness the devastating scenes. 

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7611430/leicester-helicopter-crash-vichai-srivaddhanaprabha-cctv/
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