Putin ‘Proud’ of Russian Intelligence Role in Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that his country’s intelligence agency played a “decisive” role in dealing terrorism “devastating” blows in Syria.

He hailed the “unique” capabilities of the security apparatus that has helped “restore” peace in Syria.

He made his remarks during a speech marking 100 years of the establishment of the military intelligence agency.

The information provided by the intelligence agencies and the special operations that they have carried out in Syria have led to the elimination of terror leaders and the destruction of their bases, continued Putin.

“Terrorists and extremists seek to take advantage of conflicts in the world. They have sought to stoke violence and chaos in Syria, but they have failed,” he added.

Moreover, he expressed his “pride” at the agency’s “long record of achievements.”

Putin noted the growing number of conflicts in the world, as well as the use of provocations and lies in an attempt to alter strategic balances.

He therefore, highlighted the important role intelligence agencies play during such circumstances.

Meanwhile, the Russian foreign ministry renewed accusations against the White Helmets aid group that it was fabricating chemical attacks in Syria.

Russian intelligence has long waged a campaign to tarnish the image of the group that has been active in aiding Syrian victims of regime and Russian attacks.

In its latest accusations against the group, Moscow said that it has obtained new information that the White Helmets was a branch of the terrorist al-Nusra Front organization.

"According to available information, the notorious White Helmet organization, established with the support of western intelligence agencies, desperately seeks to make a statement in Syria, particularly in the Idlib de-escalation zone,” said the foreign ministry in a statement.

“Just like before, they are preparing a sensational show aimed at giving a free hand to those opposing the legitimate Syrian regime, who are reluctant to abandon their aggressive plans - these include, first and foremost, some western states led by Washington," it continued.

The ministry did not disclose the sources on which it based its allegations. Previous charges were based on “eye witness” accounts.

Iraqi forces gather at their camp on the frontline in the northwestern town of Faysh Khabur, near the borders with Syria and Turkey. (AFP file photo)
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