Security: Google Home Hub, Apple Watches and Cell Phone Security

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  • Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has released updated versions of its LPIC-1 and Linux Essentials certifications. The updated LPIC-1 program is version 5.0 and a Linux Essentials is updated to version 1.6. LPI's certification objectives are regularly updated to reflect changes to the skills required by open source professionals today. The update process involves a public community consultation in which Linux experts from all around the world review and comment on the certification objectives. In preparation for this update, beta exam labs were held in 19 countries to receive feedback on the new exams.
  • The Rencontres Hivernales du Libre (RHL) (Winter Meeting of Freedom) takes place 25-27 January 2019 at St-Cergue. invites the free software community to come and share workshops, great meals and good times. This year, we celebrate the 5th edition with the theme «Exploit». Please think creatively and submit proposals exploring this theme: lectures, workshops, performances and other activities are all welcome. RHL'19 is situated directly at the base of some family-friendly ski pistes suitable for beginners and more adventurous skiers. It is also a great location for alpine walking trails.
  • Ask Michel Paulin, the new CEO at Paris-based OVH about how the firm plans to compete against hyperscale public cloud providers in the North American and Chinese markets, and he’ll be honest with you – he’s not going to compete. At least, not in terms of scale. “We’re not a giant, we’re much smaller,” Paulin says. “We don’t intend to compete on the same road, we compete on another road.” Enterprises that are migrating to a hybrid cloud infrast
  • As part of my involvement in the Nikita archive API project, I've been importing a fairly large lump of emails into a test instance of the archive to see how well this would go. I picked a subset of my notmuch email database, all public emails sent to me via, giving me a set of around 216 000 emails to import. In the process, I had a look at the various attachments included in these emails, to figure out what to do with attachments, and noticed that one of the most common attachment formats do not have an official MIME type registered with IANA/IETF. The output from diff, ie the input for patch, is on the top 10 list of formats included in these emails. At the moment people seem to use either text/x-patch or text/x-diff, but neither is officially registered. It would be better if one official MIME type were registered and used everywhere.
  • With the talk of some big players moving into cloud gaming, along with a number of people thinking Valve will also be doing it, here’s a few thoughts from me. Firstly, for those that didn’t know already, Google are testing the waters with their own cloud gaming service called Project Stream. For this, they teamed up with Ubisoft to offer Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the service. I actually had numerous emails about this, from a bunch of Linux gamers who managed to try it out and apparently it worked quite well on Linux.
  • That was a bit of a surprise, honestly after not hearing much on it I was a bit worried. Really happy to know it's coming as it does look like a lot of fun. Inspired by the looks of Doom, Quake, Heretic, Half-Life and more it has a soundtrack from Andrew Hulshult whose worked on quite a lot of games including Quake Champions, Dusk, Bombshell, Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded, Rise of The Triad 2013, Rad Rodgers, Amid Evil and plenty of others.
  • Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor is an excellent Early Access game where you snap blocks together to make some truly ridiculous creations. Stray Fawn Studio have now outlined their future plans and it sounds fun. It's an addictive game, one where you can easily get lost in how configurable you can make your drones. Do you make them small and sneaky? Do you make them as big as the entire screen? Do you give them some automation with AI to do things for you or go fully manual? So many options, so little time.
  • If there's one thing I didn't like about Graveyard Keeper is all the constant manual labour. Well, not so much now as you will be able to resurrect bodies to do your bidding. A minor point, but they're claiming it's a "DLC". I've seen more developers and publishers muddle the DLC term lately, with some claiming free update patches are a "free DLC". Strange, but still technically true since it's content you download so whatever.
  • One from the 'inbox of no return' that I sadly missed, Out of The Box from developer Nuclear Tales is a time-management thriller where you decide the fate of the quirky customers of a luxurious club and it has Linux support.
  • If your company is in need of a Content Management System (CMS), there are a bevy of available options, many of which are open source. One such option is the Subrion CMS. Subrion is a free, open source CMS that includes all the features you need:
  • The collaboration, which consists of joint marketing and sales initiatives for 2019, will allow the two firms to offer customers personalised, content-focused capabilities across touchpoints. The partnership between the two firms will also see the combination of Acquia’s content management system Drupal and Elastic Path’s headless commerce capabilities.
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