Weekly Show 414: Security Implications Of Home Automation

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Home automation and the proliferation of IoT devices that live inside your house means that home networking matters more and more.

When your IoT devices need to talk to the cloud to turn on the lights, the network needs to work. It also brings to mind the question of security–or lack of it.

Our guest is Chris Young, no stranger to the Packet Pushers community. He’s Global Product Manager, Networking at HPE, but he’s on the podcast today solely as a home networker.

In this episode we probe into Chris’s passion for home automation, and we go deep down the rabbit hole.

We talk about Chris’s experience building and running his home automation network, the various wired and wireless protocols he works with (including WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and ZWave), how to reverse-engineer undocumented APIs, and the security implications of home automation and IoT.

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